Tuesday 18 August 2015

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter

Hey everyone :)

I’ve always have a soft spot for one of the YouTubers I watch - Louise Pentland - I don’t know why or how … she is lovable, fun, bubbly, energetic and her daughter is the daughter every parent wants (I’m sure if she ever read this she’d disagree haha). For those of you who don’t know who Louise is - she is the face of ‘A Sprinkle of Glitter’ a blog and YouTube channel from the UK (Northampton).

I’ve been slowly buying a few YouTubers books as they release them - only the ones I’m genuinely interested in and when Louise announced she was releasing one that she had been working on for the last year I was really excited.

life with a sprinkle of glitter shoutjohn

The book is very different to other YouTuber books that I’ve bought and reviewed so far which makes a change - a good change though. Firstly if you have watched Louise of YouTube or read her blog then you’ll know she is a very positive person despite her anxiety which causes lots of problems however she manages to still overcome that and look at life with a positive attitude. She then oozes (what a great word!) that positively out and onto anyone watching her channel or reading her blog. So when her book was released I knew that it would have the same effect.

I thought the book was similar to ‘The Glam Guide’ you can check that review out HERE. In terms of the chapters … maybe Louise meant for the book to be read from start to finish however I felt like I could pick it up and then flick to a chapter and read that and it would still make sense and I wouldn’t feel lost or confused which is what I did with ‘The Glam Guide’ book I read a few months ago. Secondly like ‘The Glam Guide’ the book (I think) is aimed at girls more than boys - but that didn’t stop me buying and reading it.

I don’t want this to be a long review - for 2 reasons - the more I type (talk) the longer this post gets and then you get bored and secondly I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone thinking about buying it … so I’ll choose a few points I enjoyed about the book and then the rest you can read when you buy it!

The artwork I thought was amazing - she used a mixture of different fonts, layouts and texts and displayed them all differently throughout the book. I also enjoyed the quotes throughout the book - again they were displayed differently through the book and merged well with the artwork and page decoration and boarders. I loved that Louise used her own experiences and put her positive spin on it which made the book personal. She also shared her tips and tricks for dealing with body image and anxiety attacks.

Her book also covers a wide range of topics like education, body image, bullying, DIY, baking, dating and lots more.

Overall I really enjoyed reading her book and it’s definitely one I would recommend to anyone looking for a book that gives positive vibes.

life with a sprinkle of glitter shoutjohn

Let me know what you think in the comments if you have read the book before or if you plan to buy it.

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