Monday 3 August 2015

We're in Spain!

Hey everyone :)

It’s been a long day - I’m currently chilled out in my room writing this post with the air conditioning whirring away - oh how I miss air con in the UK. 

john and dave

I’ll start from the beginning as I don’t want to long this post out. We woke around 3.30am and hovered until 4am when the taxi arrived to take us to Luton Airport - luckily we stayed at Matt’s so we were pretty close to Luton. 

We arrived at the airport and a few of our group checked their luggage in - luckily they opened up the self service bag check in and our group got moved to that line so it didn’t take long. Matt and myself only had cabin luggage so we didn’t cue and just hung around the exit section until everyone was checked in and ready. 

We then headed to departures and security and this was a breeze - I’ve only ever been to Rome with Dave and then Spain with these guys a couple of years ago and the check in, bag drop and security process just seemed to take forever but this was super fast and we were all through before we knew it.

We then went for breakfast at Frankie & Benny’s - which has become a bit of a tradition as we ate here the last time we came to Spain. I got the scrambled egg with bacon on toast, a tea and a coke (or pepsi I can’t remember). 

spain tea

spain tea

We then gobbled this up as we were all starving and then paid the bill and we had about 15 minutes until they announced our gate for boarding so we decided to have a wander round the duty-free shops and have a last minute toilet-stop. 

I headed over to the main-large duty-free shop that had all the souvenirs, make-up, face creams, chocolate, watches etc … It was called ‘Aelia’ and I found some Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream that I’ve had my eye on for a couple of months now. I was really impressed with the everyday moisturiser that I knew at some point I’d have to get the eye cream. I’ll hopefully have a first impressions or a review up in a month or so … or maybe both.

origins eye cream

The small pot was £20 but bearing in mind you only apply it sparingly under your eyes it will last a long time … Aelia mentions that there airport customers get 20% off that what you’d pay in high street stores and I can’t remember exactly but I’m sure this was actually around £30ish in Debenhams and the likes. 

Anyway enough about the eye cream … we all headed for gate 16 (which had been announced) and queued and then we got on the plane and took our seats. Because we didn’t really book at the same time we were all over the place. Matt, Bob and Emma were together, and then across the aisle Dave and myself got a 3 seat to ourselves. Amy was a couple of rows behind us in a corner and Luke was halfway up the plane in the middle.
The flight was about 2 hours and we took off about 7am and we all napped I think apart from Emma. I can’t recall napping but I think with the heat I nodded off a couple of times - waking up every so often to take some pictures of the plane wing and the clouds or blue sky or the mountains or the coast lines … I took quite a lot …

spain holiday plane

spain holiday plane

spain holiday plane

spain holiday plane

spain holiday plane

spain holiday plane

spain holiday plane

When we landed it was about 26 Celcius so a lovely temperature - I instantly burst into flames - no I’m just kidding. We all got on a bus and it drove us to the arrival gate and we had our passports checked by the border control or customs (not sure what they call them in Spain). Then we got our luggage which was pretty quick too. Then we waited for a taxi in a long, long queue but again it moved pretty quickly and we didn’t wait long. We then got two taxis and they drove us to Cala en Porter where we are staying - it was about a 20 minute drive from the capital - Mahon - to the village/town.

We ended up getting to the villa around 11am which was great timing! We then just chilled out around the pool - swimming and carrying on and chatting and drinking and eating and sunbathing.

soothing night pool

We then rested and napped and then about 7pm headed into town to get something to eat from one of the many restaurants. We were so hungry we skipped starters and everyone just ordered main meals. I opted for the lasagne but that was a mistake - I’m a picky eater and it wasn’t as good as my mums. 

We then headed back to the villa and chilled by the pool and I came in to right this very post …

So a very enjoyable, long day but well worth it.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to Spain before and where you went?!

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