Tuesday 15 September 2015

Have You Tried Sugru Yet?!

Hey everyone :)

So the lovely people at Sugru sent me some samples and I got overly excited - because it is basically play-dough for grown-ups - there is no other way to describe it. Have you tried/bought any yet? It makes me feel so young again haha!




This stuff is amazing and can be used on a range of different things. There are many different colours and you can make even more colours by mixing them with others.

So far I used it on a broken plastic part of my bumper on my car. I tried to take a picture but its dark and dingy so I gave up but its held in place for the last month or so ... so all is good with that!

I also used it on our fridge door shelves (where the milk and juice goes) - this is a common usage from what I can see on Sugru's webpage. But it does work and keeps the cracks from getting any worse.

Sugru's creation is a long story (not a long boring one) it's quite exciting actually - I won't go on and on about it here but if you want to check it out - you can by clicking HERE.

You can also see what other people around the world have used Sugru for such as:

> the bending part of the iPhone USB cable
> aerials on cars
> laptop charger cables
> outdoor tap handle
> pot lid handles
> the drum of a washing machine

There is lots more but I could be here for ages listing everything.

Benefits of Sugru include:

> strong and durable so its great for outdoors
> it's flexible when cured
> soft touch and grippy
> stable at high and low temperatures
> waterproof
> removable

So as you can see this is a great invention - it's odd that its not more well known as I asked a few people at work if they had ever heard of it and only 1 out of the 14 people I asked had.

Let me know if you have used it before or if you have any ideas what I could use the rest on. If you want to check out the rest of their webpage or buy any then check out their page HERE.

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