Wednesday 28 October 2015

Lush Halloween Haul

Hey everyone :)

It's been awhile but I have a LUSH haul for you today. Now I have to admit that I have been working crazy hours and completely forgot to buy some Halloween products from LUSH so when I remembered - they were nearly sold out of everything.

So I have four products that I bought (well the only four that were available):

Sparkly Pumpkin - £3.65

This is one of my favourite items from the Halloween collection - mainly because it looks like a pumpkin and just screams 'Halloween'. This product is a 'bubble bar' - so you just run your bath and when its about half full you just crumble the pumpkin into the bath under the running water and it'll do the rest. The bath turns a lovely orange colour and has a slight shimmer as the entire pumpkin is coated in gold sparkly glitter. 

The 'Sparkly Pumpkin' has juniperberry oil which is great for balancing hair and skin, lime oil which is uplifting and protecting and grapefruit oil which is uplifting and refreshing.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb - £3.95

Bath bombs are one of my favourites - you just fill the bath and then just pop the bath bomb into the bath and let is explode and ooze its fizz all over the bath. The bath bomb is green to start off with and in the centre is a pink/red wine colour which releases when the water eats away the outer shell of the bomb.

The 'Lord of Misrule' has patchouli oil which has an earthy and exotic aroma, black pepper oil which is warming and clarifying and fair trade vanilla absolute which has a sweet and comforting scent.

Lord of Misrule Shower Scream - £4.95

Similar to the bath bomb the 'shower scream' is a shower cream version of the bath bomb. It also boasts the same ghouly green colour.

Containing similar ingredients such as patchouli oil and black pepper oil which give the cream a earthy, herbal scent. There is also added fair trade vanilla absolute which gives the cream a nice sweet scent. Also the cream has organic wheatgerm oil which is high in vitamin E which promotes healthy skin, eyes and immune system.

Nightwing - £3.95

This is my first experience with a 'shower jelly' and I didn't know what to expect. As you can see above the jelly is in the shape of a bat (hence the name - nightwing). The product is just like a bar of soap - you hold it in your hand and rub it with some water from the shower/bath which creates soapy foam/suds and then wash with it. You can also (like soap) just rub it over your body too.

'Nightwing' contains lime oil which is uplighting and protecting and carrageenan extract which is moisturising and thickening. The shower jelly also reminds me of blackcurrant fruit pastilles and is a very sweet smell.

That's all four ... look out for my Christmas post later on this month or next - I just placed the order now.

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