Tuesday 6 October 2015

Taylor Swift Tag: 'The Swiftie Tag'

Hey everyone :)

taylor swift tag

1. What was your first impression of Taylor Swift?
Very catchy music ...

2. First Taylor Swift song you ever heard?
I can't actually remember ... I think it was ... 'Should've Said No'

3. What's your favorite music video?
I thought that 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' was funny and looked great! I also loved 'Back To December' too - really slow song and simple, yet effective video!

4. What's your favourite song?
Well I think they're all great - but if I had to choose '22' - I think I played it hundreds of times.

5. Where was your first Taylor Swift concert?
I've actually never been to one ... I really wanted to go to her 1989 tour but I couldn't find anyone else to go with and I didn't want to go on my own.

6. How many Taylor Swift concerts have you been to?
None yet ... but maybe next year if she brings out another album.

7. When did you become an official 'Swiftie'
No idea ... I just started listening to her music and got hooked ...

8. Favourite live performance?
I've been seeing all her surprise guests on her 1989 tour and they've been great! She did a duet of 'Smelly Cat' with Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) from Friends - was absolutely amazing!!!

9. Favourite dress shes worn?
I have no idea ... I might be gay - but I pay more attention to her singing than he clothes.

10. Favourite lyric?
"Got a long list of ex-lovers, they'll tell you I'm insane. But I got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name" (From Blank Space).

11. Which song do you relate to the most?
I really loved 22 and the lyrics and felt like I could relate to that the most. But I'm not 22 anymore ...

12. What do you wish/hope for on her next album?
I really loved her country music ... so maybe another album with a mix of country and pop.

13. What album is your favourite?
I really enjoyed 'Speak Now' but I also love '1989' - too hard to choose!

14. Least favourite song?
I really enjoy them all - I will admin when I first heard 'Back To December' I didn't like it - but now its one of my favourite songs.

15. Least favourite video?
Out of all the ones I've seen I thought they were good and I don't hate or dislike any of them.

16. A song you wish had a video?
Superman (because it's a really catchy song) or Wonderland (because I think she'd come up with something great for the video).

17. A song you want to hear live?
Has to be '22'

18. Have you met Taylor Swift?
Ha! No ... But the guy she is currently dating is from a town I lived near all my life so you never know ...

19. What would you say to her right now?
I wouldn't want to be one of those - screaming crazy fans - so I'd probably just wanna chill out and chat and stuff.

20. Who should she do a duet with?
I think 'Celine Dion' would be amazing to duet with.

That's all the questions ... there were a few more ... but they were about tour outfits and I have no clue ...

Let me know if you do the tag and post the links in the comments below!!

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