Friday 11 December 2015

EOS Lip Balm

Hey everyone :)

Today is the last day of my holiday which sucks. I also turned 25 two days ago ... which sucks! A note to any teenager reading this ... enjoy your carefree lives ... adulthood is terrible haha!

My car is in for its 2nd service ... I can't believe I've had it 2 years nearly - they've just given me a call and the only recommendation was break fluid replacement (or topup) which isn't too bad. I thought there was a couple of things wrong but I must have been mistaken - anyway on with the post :)

Ever since I discovered EOS Lip Balm - I have been in love with them. They are small, easy to store, a great design and very, very, very easy to apply onto your lips.

Now I have owned a few over the last couple of years and a couple of months ago they released three new flavours and I managed to get my hands on two of them via Amazon. They company primarily sells in the US so Amazon is the best way (I have found) to get a hold of them.

I ordered two flavours 'Vanilla Mint' and 'Coconut Milk'.

As you can see the design is circular with two indents so you can easily open and close lid. The colours are normally all one colour however for these new products they went with a swirl design of a light white and the main colour - in this case pink or blue.

EOS Lip Balms also give long-lasting moisture and have shea butter and Vitamin E and C too.

As you can see the balm is circular and round shaped so you can apply is easily to the lips. Trying not to put it rudely you can just suck and rub the balm from left to right and that is that!

The 'Vanilla Mint' (the blue one) smells amazing and you can smell the mint as soon as you open the lid. The vanilla lingers in the background but once applied you can taste the vanilla on your lips.

The 'Coconut Milk' (the pink one) just smells of coconut and once applied reminds me of when I washed my hair with coconut shampoo and got it in my mouth. It also tastes like it has a creaminess to it.

Let me know what you think and if you have tried EOS Lip Balms before in the comments below.

If you want to find out any more info on the 'Coconut Milk' flavour then click HERE and for the 'Vanilla Mint' HERE.

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