Wednesday 16 December 2015

River Island Christmas Gift Guide / Wishlist

Hey everyone :)

One of the benefits of online shopping is that you don't have to leave your house. Window shopping is a thing of the past when you can browse the shops from the comfort of your bed (or chair) with a mug of hot chocolate in your hand and the mouse (or trackpad) in the other.

Saying that ... it is nice to get out the house sometimes and actually get some fresh air. Memories of my mother are surfacing of her shouting at me to get off the computer and go enjoy the sunshine.

Anyway ... it's nearly Christmas ... not long to go and I thought this week I'd put together some gift guides (or a wishlist) of things that have caught my eye and might catch yours too!

I've chosen 9 different items from River Island - one of my favourite clothing brands ... If I ever buy from them I do it online (just a preference) the main reason being that their mens sections in the shops are small and choice is limited. The online section is varied and bountiful.

1. Blue Flannel Short Sleeve Shirt (£25.00) - I was actually hunting for a shirt to wear to my work Christmas party as I have this weird obsession of always buying a new shirt for an event but I couldn't find anything I like. Typically I find this after the event has passed now. It's a lovely shade of blue, rounded at the bottom (how I like it) and short sleeved (big plus in my books).

2. White Faded Leaf Print T-Shirt (£18.00) - Leaves remind me of Autumn and that is one of my favourite seasons (after Winter of course). The faded effect adds a nice touch to the t-shirt and the turned up sleeves I really like too.

3. Mixed Hipster Pack Boxers (£22.00) - I love brightly coloured boxers. You just have to make sure and not wash them with anything dark otherwise they get ruined. They have a stretchy waistband and the River Island brand too. You get 5 different colours in the pack.

4. Grey Sid Skinny Stretch Jeans (£30.00) - I was in Tesco a couple of months ago and saw someone with jeans similar to these so I immediately started a search online to find a pair and came across these. Ordered them and fell in love. They are a lovely shade of grey which has the faded effect too. They are also stretchy and cling to your legs but not in a tight way.

5. Grey Knitted Slouchy Beanie Hat (£10.00) - When my hair gets too long or unmanageable or I just can't be bothered to style it ... I go to my backup plan: beanies! You can never have enough of them. I think I have half a drawer full of them and if I ever see a sale on I grab what I can. This one is a slouch beanie and not too thick which is good.

6. Grey Candy Cane Socks (£3.00) - You can never have enough socks. This is one rule I'll live by forever. I've nearly ran out and a few months ago I could barely fit them all in my drawer. I wear away the heels and they rip but anyway ... whenever I see deals on socks or funny ones - like these little candy cane socks then I snap them up quick!

7. Green Tartan Drawstring Pyjama Bottoms (£18.00) - Firstly ... I prefer the term loungewear as the word pyjama just screams bedtime ... these are amazing for just 'lounging' around the house in, rather than jeans which cling to you (if they are skinny like mine) and uncomfortable when sitting crosslegged. Secondly they are tartan and I am Scottish - surely that is reason enough to buy them.

8. White Zip Through Hoodie (£35.00) - Similar to the socks and beanies - you can never have enough hoodies. I like to keep a range of different colours in my wardrobe so that I have different outfit options. I like the quality of River Islands hoodies which is buy I get some from them every now and then. Other companies just feel fake and thin.

9. Black Floral Print Trunks Pack (£22.00) - underwear ... I don't actually need anymore ... I struggle to close my drawer when I've done all my laundry. However these caught my eyes as the floral print looks great. Floral has gone in and out the past couple of years. Even people don't see my underwear they are still pretty nice looking.

Do you buy anything from River Island or do you steer clear of them? Is there anything in particular you always buy from them? Let me know in the comments below.

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