Tuesday 29 December 2015

What I'm Watching #3

Hey everyone :)

So a few months ago ... and a few months before that I posted on my blog about television shows I'd gotten hooked on. I've now finished those ... or they are on hiatus for the Winter break so I found some shows on Netflix and ones I had abandoned because they moved channels or I couldn't find them online.

CSI: Cyber
So I was recommended this programme by one of my friends: Carissa - this is a spin off from the main CSI (not sure which one). It's about any crime that is cyber-related which means that the cyber department' takes over the crime. There is one season on Netflix at the moment but I believe season 2 is currently out and running.

Orphan Black
Another show Carissa recommended to me (you can see a pattern here) - I watched the first ten minutes of this show and was instantly hooked. Try find it on YouTube if you can and you'll see why. I don't want to spoil anything but if you like conspiracies, cloning, secrets and 'some' fun then you might like this. I think both seasons are on Netflix currently and a third is being made.

Brothers & Sisters
I watched the first two seasons of this when it first came out (on Channel 4) and then (if memory serves) it moved to a Sky channel and at that time my parents didn't have satellite - it was expensive back then. So I stopped watching it - luckily on Black Friday - Amazon had the entire collection (Seasons 1-5) for £19.99. It's an all-typical BIG American family and shows the ups/downs/ work life / love life etc and how they cope with it ... and the mess their father left.

If you like reading subtitles and don't mind reading them - then you should watch this - as the whole show is in Danish so you have to read the English subtitles. It's about a school teacher at a private school and her family. It's quite funny and interesting. It ran for 3 seasons and I think all 3 are on Netflix.

Have you got anything you could recommend I watch? Most of my shows are still on hiatus. Let me know in the comments below.

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