Friday 15 January 2016

Let's Talk ... (life update)

Hey everyone :)

I'm currently waiting on my White Chocolate & Raspberry Cupcakes to bake so I thought I'd take this opportunity to type a 'life update' post as my last one was over a year ago. I have tried since then to write one but I always feel like I waffle on and make no sense but I'm going to give it a go nonetheless.

Where to begin ...

I suppose I should start with my birthday on the 9th December last year I turned 25! Yes 25! I know ... can you hear me cry? I am crying ... For the last couple of years I've told myself that age is just a number but since I turned 25 - all I can think about is life and what I'm doing with it ... and the answer ... still at the age of 25 - I have no idea. I'm wondering how long I can go on before I really need to sit down and say to myself ... 'John, you need to decide'.

I thought I'd try and break this update into sections to stop me from straying from the path ...

Health & Fitness
I'm very healthy ... apart from a cold that has nearly gone I am what I would consider well. I'm trying to eat healthier ... however McDonald's profits have soared ever so slightly when they brought back their Mozzarella Bites - they are amazing! YUM! I am considering re-joining the gym but I can no longer get into the 'Under 25' club so it would cost be around £72 to join Virgin - which is extortionate however their pool, sauna and jacuzzi are pretty amazing and the gym/classes are good too. I feel that if I paid that much it might make me go but then I think ... do I have time? I have a full-time job, a blog (where I post 3 times a day), a YouTube channel and a social life - can I fit the gym/swimming in a few times a week? Some people would say if you really wanted it - you would make time ... I might die if I make any more time in my life!!

I'm still currently in shared accommodation - it's cheap and easy. That's my excuse - Dave and myself are looking for places to stay however house/flat prices in Hemel are crazy expensive. We also want to go on holiday and it's easier for me to save staying in shared accommodation that it is if we move in together so I think we have decided to do the holiday(s) first and then look at places to stay together. I'm hoping that by this Christmas we are moved in and settled together as I said the same thing last year but I am determined to stick to it this year.

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Christmas Day 2015 past there. So that's four years we've been together even though for 3 months he was in Bulgaria and 6 months he was in Canada - it's been four years! Seems like such a long time. We didn't do anything special as we tend to combine our Christmas presents and anniversary presents into one and because it falls around the holidays - he spends time with his family and my work tends to be erratic.

Obviously I can't say too much about work on my blog as I might break some 'social media policy' they have but work is work ... I put lots of hours in and some personal hours and I get basically nothing out of it. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut - the job is going nowhere at the moment. The only position I can progress on to is taken and my manager doesn't have any plans to go anywhere soon so I have been looking elsewhere but interviews and new jobs suck ass - I don't want to be the new person!

I celebrated my 1 year anniversary in June last year so this June will be the 2nd year I have had my blog so I am excited for that. It's done well and I'm excited for this year. I'm getting more into my photography - before it was just point and shoot and the first picture was my picture, but now I spend time with lighting, background, position, then I play with the manual setting on my camera ... it is quite fun ... however taking 1000 pictures and then spending ages picking 1 or 2 for my blog is not so much fun haha!

I will admit that I spent lots of time focusing on my blog so my channel got neglected a tiny little bit. I went from weekend vlogging (that's Fri, Sat, Sun and post Mon) for 16 weekends to daily vlogging ... which killed me ... editing everyday was a nightmare and I love editing ... but everyday - OUCH! Then I stopped completely so I could recover. I do 'sit-down' videos every so often - I try for once a week but sometimes I forget or don't have time to shoot a video so I leave it for a week. I miss vlogging ... so I have decided that if I do something exciting or I find a week where I'm doing lots - I'll vlog it and collage it together in one big vlog - hopefully that will be exciting.

How is your life going? Anything exciting been happening? Let me know in the comments below.

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