Saturday 2 January 2016

Papermill Christmas Meal (2015)

Hey everyone :)

I completely forgot to do my 'annual' - it's been two years ... can I call it 'annual' yet?! Christmas Meal post. For the last 3 years (including this one) I have looked after the booking of our office Christmas meal and each year it's really fun and exciting.

I took lots more pictures but some of my colleagues would prefer not be plastered all over my blog so I've kept the pictures strictly food only. Which looks amazing however I only took pictures of meals that were sitting next to me as I didn't want to bother people by passing the camera up and down the table ...

(Hampshire Ham Hock Terrine with piccalilli & quail's egg, toasted soldiers, mustard butter)

(Roast Parsnip Soup with honey crème fraiche)

(Grilled Goat's Cheese with mulled-wine poached pear salad, toasted walnuts)

(Roast Usk Vale Turkey Breast with chestnut & apricot stuffing, pigs in blankets, turket gravey, roast potoatoes, sporuts, honey-roast carrots & parsnips)

(Braised Blade of Hampshire Beef with horseradish mash, roasted shallots & kale)

(Roast Squash, Pine Nut & Spinach Wellington with broccoli & toasted almonds, Stilton cream sauce)

(Baked White Chocolate & Blackberry Cheesecake)

That's all the food pictures and I can tell you that it was great. The Papermill is great for food and is open all year round - so if you live near Hemel Hempstead then pop in ... this is not an ad by the way - I just thought they were worth a mention. Plus their deputy manager is pretty cute too. Shh don't tell my boyfriend :)

Let me know in the comments below where you had your Christmas Meal and what you had!

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