Thursday 4 February 2016

LUSH Valentine 2016

Hey everyone :)

Hope you are all well? It's nearly the end of the week again and that makes me excited although I am working on Sunday again ... but my own doing so I can't really complain. I recently found this really funny page on Facebook called 'Overhead in Waitrose' - I haven't laughed that much in ages. Be sure to check it out HERE. Anyway ... on with the post ...

I've been a fan of Lush for a few years now ... they have some amazing products and I normally spend lots more than I should with them. I completely forgot about their Valentine's Day range which is surprising as I went crazy last year. I was quite late in ordering however I have noticed their range has decreased this year - which is not a bad or good thing. But I have noticed there are a few things missing from last years range.

Roses All The Way (Soap) - £4.25
I've really taken to the soaps from Lush - I bought a few at Christmas for the first time and loved them. I still have a couple as I'm trying to make them last. This one is rose-scented with rose oil - Lush use this for its fragrant smell and for its soothing and moisturising qualities.

Unicorn Horn (Bubble Bar) - £4.25
I love bubble bars - they are crumbly and smell amazing! If you want to be good - you can snap it in two and make it last 2 baths. This one you just crumble under running water and let it dissolve in the bath. The main smell is lavender which is balancing and calming and the bar also contains neroli oil which increases serotonin levels in the brain leaving the person cheery and happy.

The Kiss (Lip Scrub) - £5.50
I always think this is an unusual product - it's basically caster sugar, sea salt and and cocoa butter. It's like face scrub but for your lips and it tastes good too! I spend more time eating it off my lips than scrubbing it over my lips. There are normal all year round flavours (like bubblegum - YUM) but this is a Valentine inspired pink one. I can't really describe the flavour - I first hated the taste but I really like it now. As mentioned it has sea salt which is great for exfoliating, mandarin oil which is uplifting and refreshing and cocoa butter which is softening and conditioning.

Tisty Tosty (Bath Bomb) - £3.50
If I remember this wasn't listed as a Valentine range item so it might be all year round but I couldn't resist buying it as it's in the shape of a heart and smells wonderful. This bath bomb is a very floral-scented containing - rose absolute, geranium oil and jasmine absolute. It also has real rosebuds which float around the bath making it extra special.

Prince Charming (Shower Cream) - £4.95
I love, love, love the shower cream Lush do! I especially love the Snow Fairy from their Christmas range - which has sadly just ran out. They smell amazing and a little goes a long way. This pink goo smells of marshmallow root, vanilla pod infusion, pomegranate juice and contains cocoa butter to soothe and condition the skin.

Lover Lamp (Bath Bomb) - £3.95
I really love the smell of this bath bomb - the main scents being brazilian orange oil and vanilla absolute. It also contains cocoa butter so you could think of the bomb as a chocolate orange (with vanilla) scent which I can imagine right now - it's making me want to go for a bath. It also leaves the bath a lovely white shimmering colour and has little red hearts floating everywhere.

What did you buy from the Valentines range this year? Did you miss anything from last year? Let me know in the comments below.

I also recorded a video on the above products which I released a week or so after this post which you can check out here:

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