Thursday 25 February 2016

TEA: Bluebird Tea Co.

Hey everyone :)

Following on from my post earlier in the week on Teapigs (check it out HERE) - I had also ordered some tea from another company called 'Bluebird Tea Co.' but I wanted to split the posts into two so each was about a different company. So this post is all about my second delivery of tea I ordered.

The Bluebird Tea Co. was setup and run by a young couple called Krisi and Mike who met while studying Politics at University. Krisi spent several years working in the tea industry and Mike spent some time as a ski instructor. The tea craze had kicked in across the US and they both realised that the UK hadn't and that was there entry into the gap in the market ...

The name of the company come from the term 'Bluebird Day' - now I don't know if this is a full-on snowboard/skiing term but I've heard Dave say it a few times (my boyfriend/snowboard/ski instructor) which means a lovely, perfect blue sky - no clouds or anything just a perfect, calming blue sky.

Looking through the company's website - their loose tea is much more popular than bagged tea. When you visit the main tea page you are shown lovely shots of the loose tea and the flavours available. I think loose tea is great I just find that its a hassle as you need an infuser and the like so you can drink it. They do offer lots of utensils to help you with this though from infuser baskets, infuser sacs and teapot infusers too.

They boast over 80 different tea blends and also offer different matcha variations too. They also offer a tea subscription service, hampers, gift sets and certificates and even courses on tea too.

I decided to stick with what I know and went with teabags however looking through their website again I'm wishing I hadn't ... so you may see another post later on in the year when I've bought some tea leaves and an infuser. Anyway ...

I wanted a variation of their teas available so I went with their 'mixed bag' option which gives you 10 different flavours (with 2 teabags in each). They also threw in some lovely samples too!! (who doesn't love a good sample). So the flavours I received where:

Dozy Girl - A soothing, sleepy time blend of chamomile, lavender + rose. Put those pesky sheep to bed once and for all with this soothing blend to help you get a sound nights sleep. Also nicknamed 'Mother's little helper' and 'The Girlfriend Calmer' ... it's a miracle in a cup!

Morning Kick - Energy boosting yerba mate with lemon and ginger to put a zesty zing in your day! Get a healthy hick start every morning but without the crash later on. Light and refreshing, with a kick of ginger, it's an award-winning, super-charged take on the classic lemon + ginger.

Honey Bee Beautiful - Exfoliating skin elixir rooibos tea with delicious notes of honey. No matter how extensive your beauty regime may be, this amazing honey rooibos blend not only tastes beautiful but its skin elixir properties can help you be beautiful too.

Mojitea - A super refreshing blend of green tea, peppermint + lime. The Mojito, cuban classic; tipple of choice for Caribeean island folk, but we do it with tea instead - tipple of choice for English island folk! Just as sweet and refreshing but without the rum. To be enjoyed in the sunshine, whichever island you're on!

Strawberry Lemonade - Real strawberry chunks + lemon peel, it's easy to see why this fantastically fruity infusion is our best seller. Amazing iced or hot, enjoyed by all ages, girl, boy, dog ... this versatile little number is a bit hit all-round. Why not get a pitcher on the go?

Gingerbread Chai - Award-winning gingerbread chai created as homage to the Nordic city of Bergen, who build a lifesize gingerbread city every year. Originally limited edition, we received tons of special requests to make it a permanent addition to the Bluebird collection so we did.

Skinny Minny - A 'skinny-fying' metabolism boosting, stomach calming, digestive elixir tea! A blend of Pu'erh- the composter, Oolong - the metabolism booster, Ginger - the stomach calmer, Fennel - the appetite suppressor and digestion stimulator + Ginseng - the energy booster.

Earl Grey Creme - Award-winning, fresh + fragrant Earl Grey with a hint of vanilla. Back in the good old days, PM Earl Grey was the cream of the crop. He helped abolish slavery, reformed the Commons + invented the legendary Earl Grey tea! So we've created this creamy tribute just for you old chap!

Bluebird's Great British Cuppa - Our house blend - A classic English Breakfast. We went around the world in 80 teas, on a mission to bring our native tea lovers THE BEST cuppa. Fantastic for a fry up, perfect with a Paddington (marmalade on toast!) The Great British Cuppa is right here!

Nearly Nirvana - Luxury white silver needle tea with heavenly jasmine + spiritual spearmint to help you reach nirvana. It's said tea embodies the 4 Buddhist principles and Japanese monks agree, drinking it to focus during meditation and to quieten grumbling tummies during fasts.

Do you have a favourite flavour of tea? Or a favourite company you purchase it from? Let me know in the comments below.

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