Wednesday 2 March 2016

Cajun Chicken Wrap

Hey everyone :)

While in Scotland I had a few different jobs and one of my favourites was working at a little cafe in a town called 'Mulberries' in Kirkcudbright (which was about 8 miles from my hometown: Gatehouse of Fleet). They served a range of different meals and one of my favourites was the 'cajun chicken wrap'. I used to have it for lunch as it was so quick and easy to make. For the past few weeks all I've been thinking about are these wraps and so I decided to make them and thought it would make a good post.

The good thing is that it takes no time at all and within about 10-15 minutes you've got a delicious yummy lunch.

Chicken (I used breast)
Cajun spice
Wraps (original, white)
Mayo (normal (full-fat))

Before I begin I will mention that you can change around the ingredients if you want ... I know some people (*cough* Dave *cough*) may prefer wholemeal wraps than the plain white original kind. Same goes for the mayo - I like the normal full fat one but you could use the garlic flavoured version or the lighter version or whatever you want really.

Please also note for this recipe I don't use measurements - just wing it!!


Step 1
In a bowl - add some olive oil, a pinch (or grind in my case) of salt and pepper and a good shake of cajun spice. Mix this with a fork. In regards to the chicken you can either cut it into bite-size pieces or big slices - it's up to you.

Step 2
Add the chicken to the bowl and mix together until the mixture has coated all the chicken.

Step 3
Using a griddle frying pan, add the chicken to the pan and cook on a medium heat. Make sure to turn the chicken half way through cooking to ensure even cooking. If you have gone with bite-sized pieces then these cook very quickly. Larger pieces may take longer.

Step 4
While the chicken in cooking - chop your lettuce and rinse in a colander and leave to drain on the side.

Step 5
This step is optional but I like to coat my wraps in mayo first - you can just put a little dollop in the middle - it's entirely up to you.

Step 6
Pop some lettuce on top of the wrap and then take the chicken and place on top of the lettuce and then wrap your wraps!

What's your favourite wrap ... if I had to choose another then caesar chicken is up there!! Let me know in the comments below!

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