Thursday 24 March 2016


Hey everyone,

I bought 'JAKE' last year and just never got round to writing a post about it. In my quest for Healthy Eating - because lets face it ... I'm really bad with what I eat! I'm dreading my mum coming next week as I'll be questioned with 'are you eating properly?', 'you look thin!' etc etc ...

JAKE is a meal shake that you can use to replace one of your meals throughout the day ... each pack contacts a third of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs per day. You can replace all meals and consuming three packs a day will meet all requirements that your body needs - they do recommend building up to that and not just switching completely though. 

I bought 20 meals worth and that cost around £50 - it's expensive but I wanted to try it to see if I liked it. You also receive a free shaker with the first order so you can get started straight away. You just mix the meal pack with 400ml of water and shake for a minute to get rid of the lumps and make sure its mixed properly and then drink. 

There are 3 different products available from JAKE - you can get:

JAKE Light - which has less calories per meal and is suggested if you are looking to loose a few pounds
JAKE Original - the original version (the one I bought) for anyone looking to eat healthily and maintain a healthy weight
JAKE Sports - for someone who lives an active lifestyle, this pack has more calories and protein than the others

As I mentioned (and you can probably tell from the picture) I bought JAKE Original - as I'm not watching my weight or going to the gym much (at the moment). I did find the shake rather thick so I did use 500ml of water rather than the recommended 400ml just so that it was a bit thinner.

I'm not a stranger to drinking protein shakes - as I went through the protein shake/gym phase last year so the flavour of the JAKE shake was similar to that of the protein shakes and didn't bother me. It's a pity they don't do different flavours - maybe they might bring it out in the future.

Overall if you have a busy lifestyle or sometimes can't get a proper meal then I would highly recommend these as they are a great idea! There is lots more info on the JAKE webpage HERE - you can compare the 3 products and learn more about the company and what the products can do for you.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever used them or heard about them. 

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