Wednesday 20 April 2016

Astro A50 Gaming Headset

Hey everyone :)

I've loved gaming for as long as I can remember. I remember when the first kid in our street got a PS1 and he asked me to come over - that was possibly the most exciting Christmas break I had!

I think the first time I was really exposed to gaming (or real gaming) I'm excluding our PS1 and PS2 and all the Crash Bandicoot games we had was Second Life. Although anyone that had played this will be shouting abuse at me now as they don't really classify it as a game - it's a 'second life'. - You can be who you want or what you want and do what you want! Such a great world to explore.

I then moved onto WOW (World of Warcraft) where I spent many hours of my university days playing it. I spent hours and hours gathering herbs and crushing them down to make ink and then making glyphs and selling them in the auction house.

I then started playing LOL (League of Legends) which was a great game and there are championships and competitions for this game! My friend Luke plays this too. I managed to get Dave into it for ages and then he moved onto Destiny.

I also played a bit of Star Wars Online which was great fun and much like WOW.

I then bought my Xbox One and my PS4 and I got Destiny (which I had for the PS3 but most of my friends were on the PS4). Destiny had been my go-to game since it came out over a year ago now. It's a great game and there is so much to do. I've yet to stop and say 'I can't do anything else'. I managed to get Dave into it and he even bought his own PS4 and Destiny because he loved playing it that much. He is even better than me now ... but that's because I work more than him haha!

I was talking to one of my friends who plays Destiny and I was moaning that I didn't have a good headset and I hated the little headset that game with the PS4. He suggested having a look at the Astro A50s. I took a look and they looked great - you'll see from the pictures dotted around this post. The only issue (they're quite expensive) shhhh!!! Mine cost £200 but that was because I got a £50 discount with a voucher code I had. Normally they are around £250.

The PS4 version comes in black with blue wiring and looks great. There is also a grey outline around the edges which gives it a great finish.

The headset comes with:

> Dolby Digital 7.1
> Superior Fit & Finish
> Tuned with Astro Audio
> 5.8GHZ Wireless Technology
> Pro Quality Audio

I have to admit they are the best sounding headset I have ever used. The sound is just amazing and it feels like your in a cinema. It's fits snug around my head, is comfortable to wear and isn't too heavy. The mic is great and bends so it can be further or closer to your mouth. Friends have commented that my voice is very clear and crisp.

The headset has a main volume control for both voice and game volume. There is also on the side panel a game volume and voice volume control which lets you change what you want to hear more of ... ie 25% voice and 75% game.

The headset also comes in a lovely massive box with a stand and the base unit that transmits the signals to the headset.

A very good headset and one I think is worth the money (if you have £250 to spend). Let me know in the comments what headset you use and what you think of it? If you want to read into more detail you can find this headset HERE

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