Tuesday 24 May 2016

New Apple Watch Strap

Hey everyone :)

If you remember more than a year ago ... I bought an Apple Watch - such a great and nifty little invention. I bought the 'sport version' which meant it came with a sport strap and I went with the white option.

Over the course of the year the white got dirty and didn't look as good - so when Apple released new straps I was really excited. I first saw them when iJustine (a YouTuber if you don't know) went crazy and bought lots of them to show her subscribers - I think she took most of them back.

So Apple have expanded the range and added lots of new colours too:

Sports Band (£39) has 22 different colours
Woven Nylon Band (£39) has 7 different colours (and this is the one I bought)
Milanese Loop Band (£129) has 2 different colours
Classic Buckle Band (£129) has 9 different colours
Leather Loop Band (£129) has 6 different colours
Modern Buckle Band (£209) has 7 different colours
Link Bracelet (£379) has 2 different colours
Herms Double Tour Strap (£420) has 8 different colours
Hermes Single Tour Strap (£270) has 7 different colours
Hermes Cuff Strap (£670) has 1 colour

I decided to go with the Woven Nylon Band in 'Royal Blue' which cost £39. I thought this was reasonable and the sports band is the same price currently. There is not as many colour options with the woven nylon band but that didn't bother me as the colours they currently have are more than enough to choose from.

The main colour of the band is 'royal blue' and it also has orange and white woven into the strap too. As with all straps you just click the old one off and click the new one off - so 'installation' was simple and easy. It feels comfortable and looks good too. Sometimes I felt with the sports band that when I was hot or sweaty the strap stuck or rubbed slightly.

I've worn the band for over a month now and love it. If I had one suggestion to Apple (not a complaint) it would be to make the band slightly wider as the strap looks odd in comparison with the width of the actual Apple Watch - but that is me just being picky.

I went with the 38mm band size (there is a 42mm available too) as I have small wrists and I felt that the 42mm might have been too big for me.

I do have to say that Apple have gone above and beyond with the packaging again. It's hard to explain but if you do buy a watch strap then you will know what I mean.

Do you have an Apple Watch? Have you tried or saw any new straps you might want? Let me know in the comments.

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