Monday 2 May 2016

Burton Menswear London Wishlist

Hey everyone :)

It's been ages since I did a wishlist - I don't know why as I love doing them and they are fun to create and talk about. This wishlist is on Burton Menswear - I buy everything and anything from these guys! Their clothes range from formal to casual and that's what I love about them. If you want a pair of smart trousers you'll get them or a shirt for a night out on the town - you'll get that too!

Grey San Francisco T-Shirt (£14.00)
I'm in love with anything San Francisco at the moment as I want to go there on holiday. So any t-shirt with pictures or names I just buy!

White Floral Print T-Shirt (£16.00)
Anything with a faded effect or floral effect seems to have come back into fashion and I think they look great - my wardrobe is full of them at the moment and I still keep buying more.

Tan Leather Formal Shoes (£38.00)
I'm a grey trouser, tanned belt and tanned shoes kinda guy! I love the colour and think they go well with just about anything - my current tanned loafers are seeing their last days so I might pick these up later on in the week.

Light Grey Textured Crew Neck Jumper (£30.00)
I think these types of jumpers are very formal and go well with a shirt and nice grey trousers. You can get away with wearing it at work and not appearing too casual.

Navy Floral Print T-Shirt (£16.00)
Another floral t-shirt but the think I love most is that its only the sleeves and the pocket that have the floral effect and the rest of the t-shirt is a solid colour.

5 Pack White Invisible Sock (£10.00)
You can never have enough socks but if you wear low loafers like me - I don't like my socks showing when my trousers are high (if I'm sitting down or something) I like them hidden - these do the trick!

Rolled Sleeve Red Check Shirt (£25.00)
I don't know what it is with checked shirts but I love them. I'm wearing one right now! They are just so colourful and great looking! Perfect for anything! Maybe I was a farmer in a previous life ... is that me being too stereotypical?

Navy Lightweight Parka (£55.00)
I remember when I was younger my mum bought my brother and me a parka and we loved them! They are thin, lightweight and easy to carry around if your too hot and don't want to wear it.

Have you ever bought anything from Burton Menswear before? What did you think? Was it casual or formal?

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