Tuesday 31 May 2016

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PS4

Hi everyone :)

I've loved the Final Fantasy series for as long as I can remember. The first game I ever played from the series was Final Fantasy 7 ... anyone who loves the series will probably tell you that 7 is the best! They are actually doing a remake for the PS4 but there is no release date just yet - but I am super excited and I've pre-ordered it already - but anyway this post is not about Final Fantasy 7 - it's about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The game released on PS4 around 20th March of this year. I bought just after the release date.

The first major difference to many other Final Fantasy games is that it utilises a real-time battle system. For those who don't know what means - is that the battle is live and on-going to compare it to another battle type - would be turn-based (meaning - I take a turn, then they take a turn, then back to me and so on).

I actually prefer the turn-based battle system ... that is just my preference but real-time battle do have their advantages and are lots quicker. Final Fantasy 10 my second favourite in the series was turn-based however I also really enjoyed Final Fantasy 13 and that was real-time.

In this Final Fantasy the player controls a team of 14 students called Class Zero. The world in this series is called Orience. The world map is scaled down to make travelling easier - this can be achieved by walking, by Chocobo, or the airship (when you get it). The game is split into missions and there are also free periods so you can wander around and do other things.

For missions you can choose 3 of the 14 students. One is controlled by the player and the other two by the game's artificial intelligence. The other students are kept in reserve incase you get one of party killed. Similar to other games in the series once a enemy has been defeated the player earns experience points to help them level the students. They also receive Phantoma which is used to upgrade the characters magic skills. Similar to Final Fantasy 13 the students also have access to Eidolons (or aeons if you played FF10) - there are lots of different names for them (the players health suffers when you call on them for help though).

I do like to be honest with my reviews so I played this for a few hours and didn't really like the storyline. It actually reminded me of another game I played on the PS2. It's probably one of the only Final Fantasy games I've had a negative thing to say about.

It's hard to describe when typing it but when I played Final Fantasy 10 and 13 ... I didn't want to eat or sleep or go to work - I just wanted to play it - with this game - I played it and thought 'meh, I'll come back to it' - I haven't yet and that was a couple of months ago and since then a Destiny update and Division came out which I've played lots more of.

Let us also remember that I get bored easy  - I haven't actually completed Division yet and I'm gone and bought Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I'm currently half way through that.

Have you bought and played this game? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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