Tuesday 17 May 2016

The Lean Machines

Hi everyone :)

I have a bad habit of pre-ordering books and then forgetting I have and then I come home from work and find them on my doorstep.

I started watching the Lean Machines around the same time I started watching Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman - you maybe are thinking 'what's the connection?' well - John (one of the Lean Machines) is Jim's twin brother.

They are both personal trainers and nutritionists and they have a YouTube channel too. Like may other YouTubers they have had the chance to create a book and it's a really good book.

The book is full of information - if I'm completely honest - I was most interested in the recipe/food section. Closely followed by the exercises that you can do at home. I mean I have a gym membership but sometimes its nice to chill out and do some exercise in your back garden instead of the gym.

In the book they spend a good deal of time talking about 'happiness' as we should all be happy.

The recipes were the most interesting part for me - I especially liked the 'piri piri chicken' recipe and funnily enough they posted the recipe on their channel the other day showing how to make it.

Have you bought the book yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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