Sunday 19 June 2016

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Hey everyone :)

A year or so ago Dave bought me a Nintendo 3DS with Pokemon X for Christmas. Pokemon was one of my favourite television programmes when I was younger - going back to the Ash and Pikachu days! 

I was in Asda a month or so ago and came across Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and decided to buy it as I wanted to try a newer Pokemon game. 

The setting and plot for this game is very similar to Pokemon X (and its partner Y). The game starts with the player moving to the Hoenn Region and you begin in the back of a moving truck - arriving at your new house. The player's father is the new gym leader of Petalburg Gym and this is the reason for the move. 

Like every Pokemon game you get to choose from three starter Pokemon: Treeko, Torchic or a Mudkip (so grass, fire or water) ... I chose a Torchic as I feel that its the strongest of the three (I might be wrong that is just my opinion). 

I am about half way through the game at the moment and I am doing really well. I am on my way to the secret underwater cavern. But I don't want to spoil the plot for any new players or people who aren't that far yet.

Have you played any newer Pokemon games or do you like remembering the old Pokemon Yellow days and don't want to spoil it with newer versions? Let me know in the comments below.

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