Tuesday 3 January 2017

Scottish Slang: An A to Z

Hey everyone :)

When I was thinking up ideas for my YouTube channel - I came across lots of slang videos and posts and I thought why not do an A-Z of Scottish Slang. Some people might refer to these as just 'words' or perhaps 'slang' so this is my take on them. I went home for Christmas this year and I have to be honest and admit that I do miss the accent so I thought I'd start this year off with a Scottish inspired post.

I couldn't find any for Q, X or Z though so I've left those blank for now (but if you know of any ... I'm all ears):

A - ahin (behind)
B - bonnie (beautiful)
C - claes-horse (clothes-horse)
D - deid (dead)
E - ee-sicht (eyesight)
F - flouer (flower/flour)
G - Glesca (Glasgow)
H - haiver/haivering (talking nonsense)
I - inkling (rumour/hint/idea)
J - jaggy (prickly/spiky)
K - keek (peeping)
L - lum (chimney)
M - mingin (bad smell/disgusting)
N - nicht (night)
O - onie/oniething/oniewhaur (any/anything/anywhere)
P - piece (a sandwich)
Q -
R - raip (rope)
S - snaw (snow)
T - tattie (potato)
U - unnerstaun (understand)
V - voddie (vodka)
W - wean (child)
X -
Y - yerself (yourself)
Z -

What I enjoy about Scottish words is that so many people think we make up words or they don't actually exist. I do get odd looks when I saw words like 'a cheese piece' (meaning a cheese sandwich) or tattie soup (meaning potato soup).

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