Sunday 19 February 2017

Lush Valentine's Day Range! 2017

Hey everyone :)

I feel like it was not long about that I did my last Lush post ... This post is very, very, very late! I planned to post this a couple of weeks ago but work got in the way! As I write this (19th Feb) these items are not available on Lush's website anymore. *sad face* ... I have noticed they have Mother's Day items on sale now too! Eek! No guess what I'll be doing after typing this up!

I only bought a few items this year as most things are still similar or the same.

Cupid (bath bomb)
I don't know how many times I can start a paragraph with 'I love bath bombs!' - but I do! This is a very floral bath bomb and smells amazing! It also makes the water go a lovely pink colour. It's full of fresh raspberry juice, Persian lime oil and rose petal powder.

Prince Charming (shower cream)
I bought this last year and it rivaled my love for Snow Fairy! It smells amazing and leaves you smelling of fresh grapefruit and pomegranate. It also has cocoa butter which leaves your skin smooth and soft. There is also (I left this till last) an amazing smell of marshmallow and vanilla! Sometimes I just want to leave these creations (but I don't as I would likely be sick).

Love You, Love You Lots (soap bar)
It's pink, it has the words 'love' on the soap, it has hearts too! It's very Valentine themed! It contains rose petal infusion, rose oil and rose syrup which leave your hands smelling like a rose bed. Another floral themed item :)

Two Hearts Beating As One (bath melt)
I always thought bath melts were a bit odd - don't get me wrong - they leave the bath looking lovely mesmerizing colours but they are a little boring! The bath was lovely and pinkish, with an orange tint! It smelt mainly of marzipan and flowers! That would be thanks to the almond oil - which is good for the hair and hydrating for the skin.

Unicorn Horn (bubble bar)
Again, another item I find odd - bubble bars are crumbled under running water and normally dissolve in the warm water and leave your bath full of bubbles! I do find though that it doesn't all dissolve and when you settle down in the bath you get little bits of bubble bar stuck to you!! The unicorn horn is full of lavender oil and leaves your bath smelling so calming and relaxing (careful you don't fall asleep).

Did you manage to pick anything up from Lush this Valentines? Let me know in the comments below.

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