Friday 10 February 2017

Mary Berry's Foolproof Cooking: Mango, Lemon & Lime Mousse

Hey everyone :)

You should all know by now that I'm a big fan of Mary Berry! I love her recipes and they are so easy and simple. I bought her 'Foolproof Cooking' book ages ago and made a few recipes from it and really enjoyed making them.

I had some spare time today and decided to make something as it's been ages since I posted a food-style post on my blog. So this was a very simple, easy and no-fuss recipe. I didn't even need to put it in the oven.

- 2 ripe mangos (about 400g)
- 300ml double cream
- finely grated zest and juice of 1/2 lime
- 100g luxury lemon curd

1. Remove the skin from the mangos and slice the flesh away from the stone, cutting it into chunks. Reserve three large chunks and finely chop them before setting aside.
2. Put the remaining mango flesh into a food processor and whizz into a velvety puree.
3. Whip the cream into a bowl until beginning to form soft peeks. Fold the lime juice and lemon curd into the cream, swirling the mixture to give a ripple effect.
4. Take 4-6 small glasses or pots and spoon a little of the pureed mango into the bottom of each. Add a little of the lemon and lime cream mousse, then more of the mango, then the mousse, to give four layers in total (two each of the mango and mousse).
5. Decorate each glass or pot with the reserved chopped mango and the lime zest. Chill for an hour before serving.

- I found the best way to de-flesh a mango was to treat it the way you would an avocado - with a knife slice around the stone, twist to split the two, remove the stone, and using a dessert spoon, run it along the flesh and spoon out the mango.

- DO NOT (and Mary Berry even said this in the recipe) over whip the cream!

- When you add the lime juice and lemon curd to the cream it will get thick real fast - that's okay - don't panic you haven't ruined it.

- Watch your glass/pot sizes ... I used mixer glasses that were wider and I only got 3 full ones instead of Mary's recommended 4-6.

Let me know what you think - have you been baking/cooking/making anything recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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