Friday 15 December 2017

Etsy Shop: shoutjohncards

Hey everyone :)

I've been trying to think - when I decided that I wanted to open my little Etsy shop and I really can't remember - is that a bad thing?! I remember I was looking for cards for a birthday and some Christmas ones and I couldn't find any I liked and I thought to myself - why not just make them myself - and so I spent a good couple of months (before opening the shop) researching the most popular card sizes and companies that did those sizes - there are lots!

I then bought a new printer and different cards and envelopes ... then found out you could buy card pre-creased (thats with the fold down the middle already - I know mind blown!!) and then logo designing and then testing designs and spending ages and lots of ink - printing them to see what they looked like - "shoutjohncards" was born - an extension of shoutjohn (my blog).

Feel free to take a look:

There are only a few cards on there at the moment as I am splitting my time between full-time work / blogging / YouTube / card making and well life (you know housework, boyfriend, social life etc).

Let me know what you think in the comments below or if you have any tips those are always welcome :)

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