Monday 15 January 2018

What I'm Watching 2018 #1

Hey everyone :)

The end of November and most of December was television-less for me as most of the television programmes I watch stopped for the Christmas period or the season ended and they haven't announced the new season yet ... if they do.

I wanted to chat about a few of my favourites programmes - some are on Netflix and the rest I catch on Sky:

Once Upon A Time
Currently on their seventh season - I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this season. If you didn't watch the other six - at the end they all got their happy endings and all was well. However in season seven they have "reset" and are doing it from a different angle and different fairy tales. All seasons you can get on Netflix - I highly recommend it though! Such a good show and you get invested in the characters.

The Big Bang Theory
I have watched this show since it started. I think I began watching it when I saw Billie from Charmed (now Penny) in it and I thought it looked good as I liked the actress. It's comedic and easy to watch. It kind of reminds me of Friends - a quick 20 minute show you can pop on while you are eating dinner.

Will & Grace
I remember watching Will & Grace on Channel 4 on weekends when I was young and still at school. They did a skit for the election and it was that loved they decided to do a few episodes for a new season and I think they are even signed on for another season now (might be wrong but I'm sure I read that somewhere). I don't know what to say about them - they are still Will & Grace, Karen and Jack are still around. The only difference is that the maid Rosario is not as the actress retired in real life. If you watched all eight seasons - they basically erased the last episode and it never happened.

Grey's Anatomy
This show has had me in tears more than I'd like to admit! I get so invested in characters like they are my best friends and I shouldn't really. They are on season fourteen now and it's like I've grown up with the characters - I hope it goes on for many more seasons like ER did. It's about interns, doctors, their partners, life ... everything really and it's set in a fictional hospital in Seattle. You can't get too attached to the characters though as Shonda Rhimes (the writer) likes to kill main characters off quite alot!!

Star Trek: Discovery
I absolutely love Star Trek - I first fell in love with Voyager (yes, I can hear you all groan) - it was my favourite, probably followed by Enterprise and I didn't really watch the other two fully. Netflix brought out Star Trek: Discovery (one of their original series) and it's amazing! I'm drooling right now thinking about it - they have been on a break but it will start soon again and I can't wait!! This is set in a universe where an officer killed a Klingon and started a war ...

I won't go on about every show I'm currently watching - but if the above four don't interest you then you should look up: Family Guy, The Orville, Scorpion, How To Get Away With Murder, Shadowhunters and 2 Broke Girls.

Let me know if the comments below what you're watching and give me some ideas for new shows I could potentially start watching!!

If you want to check out my last "what i'm watching" which was way back in 2015 - I've linked it for you.

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