Saturday 24 February 2018

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Hi everyone :)

I'm a bit of a gamer and that's no surprise on this blog! I post every so often about games I'm playing or new things coming to the games I'm playing. In January I posted about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and that I played on/off and that I had gotten back into it.

I finally finished the main story which has taken me a long time but it was really good! The next expansion is Heavensward which I had already as I bought it with the main game. I installed and activated it straight away.

The additions that come with Heavensward are three new jobs:

- Dark Knight
- Astrologian
- Machinist

One new race:

- Au Ra (which comes with two sub-races: Raen and Xaela)

Three new areas:

- Ishgard
- Dravania
- Abalathia

I think the biggest new addition is the flying mounts and the ability to fly in the new areas. However it does take time as you have to attune yourself to aether currents that are spread around the different areas and some currents can only be acquired by completing quests too - once you have attuned to all of them you will get the ability to fly in that area.

They have also added a level increase so you can level from 50 to 60 which is great! No experience loss.

If you are part of a free company then they also added the workshop addition so airship parts and housing parts can be crafted.

I am very excited to play the Astrologian job - I have already opened up the job quests and done the first couple - it is an odd job to me but hopefully I will learn to play it and see if I like it compared to the white mage or scholar (other healer jobs).

Let me know in the comments below if you have played/are playing Heavensward or maybe you are on Stormblood now?!

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