Tuesday 13 February 2018

Jus Rol Chocolate Chip Cooke Dough

Hey everyone :)

As you know I do love to cook/bake things like the Dark Chocolate Meringue with Raspberries.

I came across these one day when I was shopping - and in about a week I think I had bought about 10 packs of them. You can get them in Tesco for £2 and it makes 12 cookies.

The reason I love them is that you don't need to use them all in one go. You can cook 4 and put the rest in the fridge or the freezer and bring them out another day. They are already separated into twelve for you and you can break them away very easily.

You can take them straight out the fridge and then put them straight into the oven and they tend to keep their square shape or if you leave them out for half an hour and then just round the corners with your fingers you end up with a more circular cookie - however that being said - nothing wrong with a square cookie!

Another thing I do enjoy is the smell they make - it makes my whole flat get the warm cookie smell and it reminds me of my mum/gran/nana's cooking and being back in Scotland!

Depending on how you like the cookies - the guidelines say 11-13 minutes ... I find that 11 minutes they are still soft and chewy or you can go 13 minutes and you get a nice crunch to them !!

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried them!

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