Sunday 3 March 2019

Final Fantasy XIV: Daily & Weekly

Hey everyone :)

In the game there is so much to do - I'll happily admit I have barely scratched the surface but now that I'm level 70 (which is the cap at the moment) I do my dailies and weeklies which I've made into a checklist. I thought it would be good to share on my blog in case anyone else was looking for something similar. 

Note: That this is correct as of patch 4.5


Allagan Tombstone of Genesis
Capped at 450 per week - this gets you ilvl 390 Scaevan gear and weapons. You can get a full set from Enna in Rhalgr's Reach. I normally manage to max this out by Friday or Saturday at the latest after the Tuesday reset by running the Main Story Quest duty roulette and the Alliance Raid duty roulette - each gives 50 - totalling 100 per day. You can do other roulettes to get more but I like to spread it throughout the week.

If you are a Eureka nut - and regularly do the FATE train then this also drops Genesis so you can get them this way too.

Grand Company Supply & Provision Missions
There is 1 request each for crafting and gathering which yields decent experience. Depending on your situation craft it/gather it/buy it from the Market Board and hand it in. Certain items with a star will give extra experience. Grand Companies are located in the main cities - Limsa Lominsa, Ul'Dah and Gridania. If you hand in HQ (high quality) items you get bonus XP.

Beast Tribe Quests
Located all over Eorzea - you can do beast tribe quests for experience, ventures and reputation which ranks up and then you can purchase good items from the vendors of each tribe such as mounts, minions, housing items, crafting material - the list goes on.

A Realm Reborn: Amalj'aa, Sylphs, Ixal, Kobolds, Sahagin

Heavensward: Moogle, Vanu Vanu, Gnath

Stormblood: Ananta, Kojin, Namazu

Adventure Squadron
If you have unlocked your squadron it's a good idea to keep sending them out on missions so they gain experience and level up. Squadron Rank 3 is also required for you to get a promotion eventually.

This might not apply if you don't have a house but I am currently cross-breading seeds in my garden so I have to tend to them daily otherwise they go purple and die. I check these daily for re-planting or watering.

If you use retainers - I do a few checks such as taking any Gil they've made while I've been offline, making sure everything they sell is the best price (as prices change so quickly), making sure they have 20 items to sell (the max) and if they are back from a venture making sure I collect it and send them back out again (this would only apply if you haven't maxed them out yet). You can also check what is selling good on the MB and get them to collect this and then sell it if you have time.

Daily Hunts
There are daily hunts and weekly hunts. These are located at each Grand Company, Ishgard, Rhalgr's Reach and Kugane. I try (not all the time) to pick up the daily hunts and do these as they do contribute towards your seals - which I use to unlock the speed boost for the mounts in each area. There are also armour, weapons etc you can purchase too.

The Manderville Gold Saucer
If you want MGP then this is the place to go ... you can do the daily 3 Cactpot scratchcards for a chance to win MGP. There are also GATEs (similar to FATEs) and plenty of mini-games to get MGP which can be exchanged for weapons/armour/Triple Triad cards etc.


Doman Enclave Reconstruction
I was oblivious to this as I didn't tend to venture to Doma after I completed the story but you can contribute up to 20,000 Gil each week (this changes after certain amounts are reached) to help with the reconstruction of the area. I have been keeping my Allagan pieces I get from my retainer ventures to donate as they are just exchanged for Gil anyway. There is also a gratuity available on the donation which starts at 120% and goes up again when certain amounts are reached so rather than selling items to NPCs - keep them for Doma.

Wondrous Tails 
Khloe is located in Idyllshire and each week you receive a new journal which requires the completion of old/new duties to get seals. Collect 9 seals and hand the book into Khloe for rewards. This is most popular after the Tuesday reset - if you check the party finder you'll see it will have lots of people looking for parties to do "Khloe" in the notes. I logged on just as the reset was happening and there must have been about 60 parties ... logged on the next week at 8pm after work and there was about 10 ... so easier to do if you're on around reset.

Weekly Hunts
I did mention above about daily hunts - but there are weekly hunts which you can pick up. Again exactly in the same place. I normally manage to kill (myself) level 50 and 60. Level 70 you might need help from some friends. These will get you 100 seals which help massively. 

There are three raids currently:

The Royal City of Rabanastre (introduced in patch 4.1)
The Ridorana Lighthouse (introduced in patch 4.3)
The Orbonne Monastery (introduced in patch 4.5)

For each raid, you will receive a coin which can be used to purchase items to upgrade your armour/weapons. 

The Manderville Gold Saucer
I did mention this above but you can also enter the weekly Cactpot lottery 3 times (different to the scratchcards.

Fashion Report
If you are also looking for a hefty amount of MGP then you can try out the Fashion Report each week which can get you around 60,000-70,000MGP if you get above 80%. You can try and figure it out yourself if you enjoy that or if you check Reddit there is someone who does it all on an infographic each week.

Challenge Log
The challenge log is a great source of experience if you need it, especially for Eureka if you are still at a low level.

I think that's everything at the moment. I probably have missed a couple of things - Custom Deliveries being one but as I haven't gotten to them yet I haven't added it to my checklist for the week.

Let me know though if you can suggest anything :)

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