Monday 30 June 2014

Product Review: Soap & Glory 'Orangeasm' Body Butter

I went out shopping this weekend and the entire time I wondered to myself what could I add to my blog to make it interesting and to help anyone out who might be on the fence before buying a product.

I was in Boots (drugstore for those of you who don't know) and I have a little obsession with the Soap & Glory products ... and Boots had this awesome 3 for 2 deal so how could I resist.

I walked out with:

- Soap & Glory 'Orangeasm' Body Butter (£10.50)
- Soap & Glory Crush - Fresh & Foamy Body Wash (£6.50) (cheapest free)
- Soap & Glory Hand Food (£7.00)

I made a saving of £6.00 with that .. I also used my Boots Advantage Points (which I'd been saving for about 3 years so didn't cost me anything either)

So three amazing products and the first one I was eager to try was their new 'Orangeasm' Body Butter.

Soap & Glory

In terms of looks - we have Soap & Glory's usual pinkness - I've noticed nearly every bottle of their lotions or creams has some pink on them. What made me pick the product up and look is the name ... I mean 'Orangeasm' ... a mixture of 'Orange' and 'Orgasm' - catchy! We also have a nice orange label on the side (as you can see above) and also on the top of the lid ... and we then have some oranges in black and white which I think gives it a good finishing touch.

Within seconds of opening the tub you are greeted with this pleasant orange smell. If you ever baked with your grandparents like I did then you'll recognise this smell instantly. One of the the main ingredients in an orange cake ... is orange peel and that's exactly what they have put into this body butter ... orange peel.

Orangeasm Body Butter

If you look very closely just where I put my finger in the cream before taking the photo, you can see the little bits of orange peel. So Soap & Glory recommend to put this on after showering when your skin is still slightly damp. So off I toddled and went for a shower ... (about 45 mins later, yes I take very long showers) I patted myself dry and put the cream on.

In terms of texture the cream is very silky and not very greasy. It didn't make my hands feel dry - I've noticed with some creams, particularly body lotions - after you've finished your hands feel powdery and dry - maybe that's just me ... but that's what I've found in my experience. The cream rubbed in pretty quickly which was surprising - you know when you put some cream on and it takes forever to be absorbed into your skin, this cream was gone as soon as I had rubbed a couple of times - amazing.

It dried almost instantly aswell ... I was half-expecting to lay on my bed not moving for 20 minutes or so until the cream had dried but that never happened!

One drawback ... possibly not a drawback but maybe for some people ... the orange peel ... well that doesn't disappear or absorb so you may find little bits of orange ... nothing major ... but I did notice when rubbing it on they were here and there on my skin.

So I have noticed my skin is softer ... however I've only used the product once ... I will use it for the next week or so and see how we go. 

I would definitely recommend buying this, it's definitely something you should have in your cupboard (not your kitchen cupboard), it is expensive at £10.50 ... but it's worth it ... or just ask the Boots person if you have any points you can use.


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