Tuesday 28 June 2016

Oral B Toothbrush

Hey everyone :)

I used to have a normal toothbrush and after my first visit to the hygienist - she recommended a electronic toothbrush over a normal one and so (me, who loves to spend money) zoomed off to Tesco and bought one! They are expensive - that is the first thing that will probably put lots of people off buying them over a plastic normal toothbrush - but they are lots better and do all the work for you.

This is my second electronic one as my first recently died. Tesco also had a deal on and I wanted to spend money ... typical me!

The great thing about the toothbrush for me at the moment is the battery life - my other one didn't hold much charge so I'm glad I have a new one that lasts more than a week. This toothbrush also had a pressure sensor - so a red light flashes when I'm pushing too hard on my teeth/gums and a gum cleaner ... which is just the toothbrush on a slower setting that pulses - both great and helpful little features.

This toothbrush cost me £35 but it was in the sale at Tesco, I think normally it's around £70. I got one free head with the product but they do recommend changing them every 6 months and it costs around £10-£15 for 2 new heads.

It also comes with a little charging dock and the toothbrush is waterproof so you don't have to worry about getting it wet. It has also a 'charge' icon so you know when the battery is getting low.

The plug connected to the charging dock is a 2 prong plug so you may need to buy the 2 prong-to-3 prong UK plug unless your bathroom has one of those 2 prong plug sockets.

So let me know in the comments below what kind of toothbrush you use and which you think is the best - I'd love to hear your comments!!


Friday 24 June 2016

A 'H&M' Wishlist ...

Hey everyone :)

You should all know by now that I'm a big H&M fan! I buy lots of clothes from them - mainly because they just feel like good quality and they have a big range ... even for the men's section.

I've been browsing through their 'new arrivals' section and a few things caught my eye! 






1. Printed T-Shirt (£7.99) - a lovely ocean/sky blue colour - which some printed words on the front - simple and great looking.

2. Printed T-Shirt (£7.99) - simple words and a palm tree.

3. Printed Vest Top (£7.99) - still in love with tank tops so this caught my eye! 

4. Pattern T-Shirt (£7.99) - patterns are great on t-shirts or shirts and I'm in love with them atm.

5. Shirt in Premium Cotton (£14.99) - again, I really like my patterns so this is a shirt with a black/white line pattern.

Let me know what you think of my choices and if you like/love/hate H&M for men's clothing.


Tuesday 21 June 2016

Thoughts: Fudge Urban Texture Junk Styling Paste

Hey everyone :)

I have spent lots of my life trying to find a good hair product that will just do what I want. I find it very frustrating when my hair just won't hold or stay where I want it.

I found this product in Tesco a few weeks ago and decided to give it a go and I'm over the moon with it - if I have to say anything negative - is that it's gives too much hold.

I thought I would try and categorise my thoughts so here goes:

The actual product is a rectangle-tin type shape. It opens to reveal the paste in one side and obviously just the lid in the other. The colour is a bright orange and looks great and does stand out on the shelf. The name 'urban' to me says street art, graffiti, cool designs and the tin does show this ... more so on the back and the front too.

The 'actual' Product
The product is a thick yellow-white paste and a little goes a long way. I take a small finger amount and rub into my hands and then apply to my hair and my hair is quite long at the moment. It smells good too - not a great smell but not a horrible smell either.

Hold Factor
The product has a hold factor of 6 which I think is appropriate and I definitely agree with. My hair keeps its shape and style all day at work and I do move around alot and shake my head so it does get tested well.

I do think the product is quite expensive when it comes to hair products - in Tesco you will pay £7 per tin. I don't think it was on special so this is the normal price. I also at the time bought their other product (the blue tin) which has a stronger hold (hold factor 8) - believe me this one is very strong. So the two tins cost £14.

I love when a product pleases me ... who doesn't and I like to get what I pay for and this product gives me that! Yes it's £7 and a few years ago I would have thought I would be crazy to spend that much on a hair product but it does what it says on the tin! I'm very happy and it will hopefully last a long time! I've been using it for about a month now (5 days a week) and I've barely used any or so it seems.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever used this product or if you want to suggest anything else that gives good hold - then let me know.


Sunday 19 June 2016

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Hey everyone :)

A year or so ago Dave bought me a Nintendo 3DS with Pokemon X for Christmas. Pokemon was one of my favourite television programmes when I was younger - going back to the Ash and Pikachu days! 

I was in Asda a month or so ago and came across Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and decided to buy it as I wanted to try a newer Pokemon game. 

The setting and plot for this game is very similar to Pokemon X (and its partner Y). The game starts with the player moving to the Hoenn Region and you begin in the back of a moving truck - arriving at your new house. The player's father is the new gym leader of Petalburg Gym and this is the reason for the move. 

Like every Pokemon game you get to choose from three starter Pokemon: Treeko, Torchic or a Mudkip (so grass, fire or water) ... I chose a Torchic as I feel that its the strongest of the three (I might be wrong that is just my opinion). 

I am about half way through the game at the moment and I am doing really well. I am on my way to the secret underwater cavern. But I don't want to spoil the plot for any new players or people who aren't that far yet.

Have you played any newer Pokemon games or do you like remembering the old Pokemon Yellow days and don't want to spoil it with newer versions? Let me know in the comments below.


Thursday 16 June 2016

Vauxhall Adam Unlimited 1.2 3dr (Brilliant Orange) *NEW CAR*

Hey everyone :)

On the 1st April I was involved in an car accident and my car was written off. I had him for nearly 3 years this December. It was the last day of my parents holiday to see me in England (they live in Scotland) and I thought I'd take them the scenic route to see my boyfriend at his work. The scenic route involved a route I've taken many times as it's behind my work building. We were driving up this long road and an artic lorry (I won't mention the company name - don't want to get sued or something) decided to pull out (not looking) and hit us not once, but twice. The first time on my driver side and then as he turned his trailer hit the back of the car too. Luckily my mum (who was in the back) was on the other side.

Apart from us all being in shock we were all okay - obviously the car was a wreck but it's just a piece of metal and plastic - the most important thing was that we were okay.

I will say though that having a car accident is a nightmare - the amount of paperwork and calls and hire car arrangements and ordering of a new car and claims ... NIGHTMARE! Most of it is over but what an absolute hassle!

I decided that I liked my Vauxhall Adam that much that I ordered the same one but with a couple of changes - the main one being the colour (from white to orange) and the wheels (17" roulette to 18" twister).

I also opted for the 'Winter Pack' this time which gives me heated seats and steering wheel - I had this in my hire car and loved it. Vauxhall also upgraded their Intelli-link system so it has Apple Carplay now which is great!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Sunday 12 June 2016

Strawberry Tartlets

Hey everyone :)

Following on from my last two posts: Banoffee Pie Tartlets and Raspberry Tartlets - I thought I'd finish things off with a well known dessert (well in Scotland and England anyway) - Strawberry Tarts - now most strawberry tarts I see have whole or half strawberries on top but I thought sliced ones looked must nicer and appetising.

- all butter pastry tarts
- whipping cream (or double cream)
- some caster sugar
- strawberries
- strawberry jam
- some hot water (only a little)

1. Whip the cream up and add some sugar to taste (this is optional - I just like my cream sweet)
2. Slice the strawberries
3. Add some seedless strawberry jam to a small bowl and add some hot water and whisk until smooth and runny.
4. Now that we have everything we can assemble so arrange the pastry cases on a plate or board.
5. In the bottom on the pastry case spread some jam on the bottom.
6. Get a dollop of the cream and add on top.
7. Arrange the sliced strawberries on top of the cream.
8. Drizzle the jam/sauce on top of the strawberries and let it drip down the side.

9. EAT

Optional: You can make a strawberry sauce by blitzing strawberries, then straining them over a bowl to remove the pulp/seeds etc and then mix in a little icing sugar. It's up to you.

Such a Summery dessert ... let me know what reminds you of Summer in the comments below.


Wednesday 8 June 2016

Raspberry Tartlets

Hey everyone :)

Following on from yesterday's post - I was talking about Summer, and little tiny tarts (as opposed to one big massive one) and how they are quick, simple easy to throw together!

I thought I'd continue that 'theme' and today we have the Raspberry Tart - a lovely sweet, but kinda tangy tart with a nice raspberry jam/sauce.

- small all-butter pastry tartlets
- raspberries
- double cream for whipping
- raspberry jam (seedless, important)

1. Take the tartlets and lay them out. Spoon a teaspoonful of the jam into the tartlet and spread out.
2. Whip up your cream until it forms peeks - again similar to my banoffee pie tartlets you can add sugar to the cream if you want or not (just my preference).
3. Dollop a good amount of whipped cream onto the tartlet and spread slightly.
4. Add some raspberries on top - you can chop them but I liked the whole look better.
5. In a small bowl add a good heaped dessertspoonful of raspberry jam and a little cold water and whisk until you have a runny 'sauce'. Drizzle over the top of the tarts when ready to serve.

Optional: You could also puree the raspberries in a food processor, strain them through a sieve and add some icing sugar for a different sweeter sauce/drizzle.

What do you think of my Raspberry Tarts? Easy and simple to make and great for a BBQ or a light dessert. Let me know in the comments below if you think they are a great little treat!


Tuesday 7 June 2016

Banoffee Pie Tartlets

Hey everyone :)

Summer is near and that always reminds me of yummy tarts - I remember my first job was in a little cafe and we served these yummy tarts with all kinds of fillings and toppings.

When I lived in Slough - I had this massive flan dish and I used to make big Banoffee Pies for everyone and I wanted to do the same but I thought it might get wasted. I think that small tarts look great so that's what I decided to make!

- small all-butter pastry tartlets (you can make your own or buy them)
- bananas (make sure they are very ripe - no one likes a unripe banana)
- caramel (you can buy tins of caramel now by Carnation)
- cream for whipping
- flake (for crumbling decoration) or you can use chocolate curls

1. Using a hand whisk, hand beater (electric one) or a free-standing mixer - whip up your cream to form stiff-ish peaks (don't over whip though).
2. Once cream is just about ready - I like to add some caster sugar to sweeten - this is a preference of mine so don't feel like you need to do this if you don't like sweet whipped cream.
3. Take out the tartlet cases and take a generous spoonful of caramel and spread it over the bottom.
4. Slice the banana thinly and layer it on top of the caramel.
5. Take a dessert spoonful of whipped cream and dollop on top - they don't need to look perfect.
6. Crumble some flake on top for decoration.

7. EAT

I will say that these are best made just before they are about to be eaten. In advance the cream can stiffen (if in the fridge) and the fruit can wilt and start to brown and it doesn't look as good - so bare that in mind when making them. Timing is everything :)

When I look at these yummy tarts - all I think about is SUMMER! It might not exactly be Summer yet ... but we are well on our way! Let me know in the comments below what makes you think of Summer (apart from the heat).


Saturday 4 June 2016

Joe Wicks - 'Lean in 15' Book Review

Hey everyone :)

It's Friday - the end of the week and its been a long week for me! I'm glad its nearly over. Now I get the weekend to relax and recharge. They are giving me lots more responsibility at work and so I'm busier and more stressed than usual.

I like to look at it as a good thing as it shows they at least trust me ... I hope!

Anyway ... working more required more energy ... which means I need to eat well and 'properly' ... I quoted properly because if you follow my Twitter or know me then I am the worst! I try so hard to stick to healthy, full meals but I always go back to Nandos, McDonalds, Dominoes or Pizza Hut - I know these will probably kill me so don't worry about telling me in the comments - I'm fully aware :)

I was in Tesco and picked up Joe Wicks' Lean in 15 book - I had heard a few people talking about it and one of the girls at work - Sarah mentioned she had bought it and was making lots of recipes from it as they were so quick and easy and I knew I was on to something.

Firstly I'm a package lover (or in this case a book cover lover - ohh that rhymes :P) - the book is crisp, clear, bright, shiny and smooth - I don't know if I can find anymore words to describe it. It feels like good quality in your hands and not some cheap crap book. I know you are not supposed to 'judge a book by its cover' but that's always the first thing that draws me in and gets me to pick it up.

The book is not just full of recipes either - there is a section on Joe himself and some information about his past and how he got to where he is now - as you all know I love being nosey and I love sections in books like this. He talks about the 'lean plan' and goes on to talk about - what I can only describe is what we got taught in Home Economics class as school (for you English kids - that was where we cooked and learnt about nutrients and minerals - not sure what you call it).

Starting something new is always a chore so he breaks it down into easy steps - such as planning, prepping and stocking up which are all key. There is that saying that if you don't plan then your planning to fail .. or something like that - I can't remember at the moment.

Then we move into the recipes and there are lots and lots of them - which excites me and there not just on the same thing - they are a mixture of everything - which is great! I bought a cooking book a few weeks ago and the majority of the recipes were lamb, fish and duck which I don't really eat. The recipes are broken down into reduced-carbohydrates, post-workout carbohydrate-refuel and snacks & treats.

The last couple of sections are on burning fat and building lean muscles - I'm sure you can guess what this section is about! Yeah exercise and workouts - Joe has his own workout regime and shows you what to do and how many of them to do. The last section are case studies and people who have tried the plan and have seen great results and they do look great!

Overall a great book and one that I will reach for time and time again! I managed to pick it up in Tesco for £8 (I think its on an introductory offer at the moment) it's normally £14.99.

Let me know in the comments below if you have bought the book or are thinking of buying it.

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