Sunday 24 September 2017

Summoner's War: Light Paladin Recipe

Hey everyone :)

So Com2Us announced the new recipe for the Nat 5 Light Paladin ... so I thought I'd put it into a little more detail - you can see what you need for each recipe.

Similar to the other recipes - each monster must be 4* awakened and maxed to level 30.
The next level must all be 5* awakened and maxed to level 35.

Recipe costs are still the same at 100,000 mana for first fusion, then 500,000 mana for the final fusion.

Fire Harp Magician (Harmonia):
Fire Witch (Rebecca)
Water Warbear (Dagora)
Fire Vagabond (Kai'en)
Wind Fairy (Aeilene)

Water Samurai (Kaz):
Water Martial Artist (Luan)
Water Inferno (Purian)
Wind Magical Archer (Ardella)
Fire Elemental (Bremis)

Wind Kung Fu Girl (Ling Ling):
Wind Grim Reaper (Hiva)
Wind Charger Shark (Zephicus)
Fire Inugami (Raoq)
Water Imp (Fynn)

Light Cow Girl (Loren)


You might be asking where you can farm/get these from ... I've also put that below too:

Fire Witch (Rebecca) - not farmarble, try scrolls or the wish fountain
Water Warbear (Dagora) - farmable from any level on Mt. White Ragon
Fire Vagabond (Kai'en) - get from Secret Dungeon
Wind Fairy (Aeilene) - get from Secret Dungeon or your shop

Water Martial Artist (Luan) - not farmarble, try scrolls or the wish fountain
Water Inferno (Purian) - get from Secret Dungeon
Wind Magical Archer (Ardella) - get from Secret Dungeon
Fire Elemental (Bremis) - farmable from any level on Vrofagus Ruins

Wind Grim Reaper (Hiva) - farmable from any level on Aiden Forest
Wind Charger Shark (Zephicus) - not farmarble, try scrolls or the wish fountain
Fire Inugami (Raoq) - farmable from any level on Faimon Volcano
Water Imp (Fynn) - get from Secret Dungeon

Light Cow Girl (Loren) - get from Secret Dungeon

Hope this is a helpful little post. Let me know in the comments below how far you are at getting all these mons?!


Saturday 9 September 2017

LUSH Bubble Spinner

Hey everyone :)

I recently checked the Lush website and came across this magnificent beauty they were selling. I'm sure you are all aware of the fidget spinner craze that took the world - well Lush brought this out and named it the "bubble spinner".

Now I'm lazy so I ordered it from the website as my nearest Lush shop is 6 miles away in another town. It cost £4.95 which I think is a decent price for a reusable bubble bar.

The bubble spinner is made with grapefruit oil, lemon oil and lime oil so a very citrus-themed bubble bar. It smells amazing and reminds me of tropical holidays.

The bubble bar - as I mentioned is reusable meaning it will last for a few baths. It is pink, blue and yellow and has a wooden holder in the middle that does actually let you spin it.

I think it's such a cool little thing to buy for the bath! Let me know in the comments below what you think and if you managed to buy one?!

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