Saturday 26 November 2016

LUSH - Christmas (2016)

Hey everyone :)

I have a love hate relationship with Christmas - I think as you get older ... you start to hate it ... or maybe that is just me!

One thing I like around Christmas is the Christmas-editions of things - like Starbucks' drink range, or McDonald's festive range ... one thing I've loved for the last couple of years (since starting this blog) is the Lush Christmas range!!! (yes three exclamation marks).

I didn't go as crazy as last year and just chose a few that caught my fancy!

Bubbly | Shower Gel
This was by far one of my favourite purchases this year (if it wasn't for snow fairy) it would be my favourite! The shower gel is full of lime oil, sweet wild orange oil and fresh grape juice. The shower gel is so refreshing and sweet smelling. It really wakes you up when your washing yourself.

Sugar Plum Fairy | Lip Scrub
I love lip scrubs although I could sit and eat the whole jar! It tastes and smells amazing and works wonders on your lips. The sugar is quite exfoliative and leaves the lips lovely and smooth. The flavour is a plumy-blackcurrant and it also has hints of orange oil too.

Never Mind The Ballistics | Bath Bomb
A very refreshing and citrus-esque bath bomb - full of cocoa butter, lime oil, sweet wild orange oil and fresh banana. This bath bomb leaves your bath a lovely orange/yellow/pink colour and smells amazing! It's a very refreshing bath to take and the cocoa butter leaves your skin smooth and soft.

Santa's Belly | Shower Jelly
Another favourite of mine - I bought this last year as I was intrigued by 'shower jellys'. Santa's Belly is full of fresh apple juice, star anise infusion, rose absolute and neroli oil. It's also such an odd feeling to wash your body with a handful of jelly.

Snow Fairy | Shower Gel
One of my favourite shower gels - it absolutely smells like candy floss and it just feels like you are washing yourself in that sweet, tasty goodness. I can't say anymore! I love when I am laying in bed after showering and I can smell it.

Star Dust | Bath Bomb
What is more Christmas-sy that a star! A lovely white star that smells of vanilla, rosewood and bergamot. The star starts fizzing a lovely white in the bath and then releases a lovely blue colour with colourful stars that float around the bath. The mixed smells of vanilla, rosewood and bergamot smell great.

Reindeer Rock | Soap
A very floral soap - full of lingonberry, coconut, jasmine and rose oil. The soap leaves your hands soft and smooth. I sometimes find with Lush soap they leave my hands with a dry feel but not this one.

Shooting Stars | Soap
I thought this soap looked amazing when I purchased it but I didn't get a nice cut from it. Not to worry though as it smells great! It's full of lime oil, sicillian lemon oil, bergamot oil and star fruit puree. Very refreshing, uplifting and relaxing.

Did you buy anything from Lush this year from their Christmas range? Let me know in the comments below!


Monday 14 November 2016

LUSH - Halloween (2016)

Hey everyone :)

It's that time of year ... well actually it's nearly over ... HALLOWEEN!

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to write up this post - despite taking the pictures about 3 weeks ago when the order came.

Autumn Leaf
A very colourful bath bomb, you just add to the water and it will fizz away - it leaves your bath full of red, green and yellow colours. It contains neroli oil which is uplifting and puts you in a good mood, sandalwood oil which is soothing and bergamot oil which is cleansing and refreshing.

Another bath bomb that just dissolves in the water and leaves it a beautiful orange colour - there are also waves of cinnamon, orange and vanilla to make you feel relaxed and soothed.

Sparkly Pumpkin
A very citrus-ey bubble bar ... it crumbles away in your hands under the running water and turns the bath a lovely orange colour but with a golden shine to the water. There are hints of grapefruit and lime. It also has juniperberry oil which is great for people with acne and dry skin.

A very floral scented bath melt. Made with organic cocoa butter, ginger oil, geranium oil and mimosa absolute. You just let it melt in the water (hence it being a bath melt lol) and then let the cocoa butter make you all soft!

Did you pick up any Halloween Lush items this year? Let me know in the comments below ...

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