Tuesday 5 July 2016

Star Trek: Voyager

Hey everyone :)

I can't remember the first time I watched Star Trek ... I think it might have been one of the films - possibly Nemisis - and then I think Voyager was shown on BT Vision or some television channel but I was never around to catch every episode so I missed a few here and there. I then got into Enterprise but still didn't enjoy it as much as Voyager.

I then found a Star Trek community online in Second Life ... which is a computer 'game' (they don't like it when you call it a game) but you register (I called myself Brayden Navarathna), make your own character and you can visit different worlds (called sims) and there are hundreds and hundreds of them. I visited a London one and danced in a club. There are people who have made it their job - you can have online shops and people design clothes that you can buy them - it truly is amazing!

Anyway ... I found a Star Trek sim and joined immediately. At the time I was studying nursing so I opted for the medical route (in Star Trek). I made lots of friends, attended classes, passed and eventually made it to Lieutenant - you can actually get all the way to Admiral - it does take time and dedication. I eventually became part of their medical residency programme - I designed a whole training programme for cadets wanting to go down the medical route - it was great fun.

My life got a bit hectic eventually, what with exams, leaving uni, moving home etc etc ... so I went on an LOA (leave of absense) then I had to retire and give up, I did go back but had to leave again as I couldn't commit what with a full time job.

However while I was away everything changed and it's not like it was ... they merged the sim with the real Star Trek community worldwide and lots of people weren't happy about it and left to make their own sim and it divided lots of people but anyway ... I digress.

Back to Star Trek: Voyager ...

Voyager was - by far - my favourite Star Trek series - for two reasons - firstly it was a series with the first female captain - Kathryn Janeway! Secondly - it was the most advanced and newest series at the time - so the ships were high-tech and the newest. When you compare it to the first episodes of other series ... they just don't seem as good.

My two favourite characters had to be B'Elanna Torres and Seven of Nine. I am not even going to give reasons - they just were! A half-klingon and a liberated borg drone.

The boxset is rather pricey - I thought I'd add that ... I got it on Amazon for around £80. I also saw yesterday that Netflix has now put every series and film of Star Trek on Netflix UK - arghhhhhh!

Let me know in the comments below what series is your favourite!

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