Wednesday 31 August 2016

Toronto ... Dundas Square and the Hotel

Hey everyone :)

Apologies for the absence on my blog recently - I think this is the quiet I have ever been since starting it. My excuse ... work is hectic ... and I'm on holiday for a week now. If you haven't already guessed by the title or the first picture ... we're in Toronto (when I saw we ... I mean Dave and myself).

It's our third day so far and I love it ... city life here is hectic, fast-paced and crazy! We've done so much already and there is still lots to do!

Monday was our travel day so we left the UK at around 08:30 (went back in time 8 hours) and arrived in Toronto at 11:10ish. We got a 25 minute taxi ride to the hotel - we are staying in the Trump International Hotel and Tower. The hotel is 5 star and exceeded my expectations! This is the first 5 star hotel I've stayed in (having worked in one for a year - I kinda knew what to expect). We were offered cool lavender towels at the check in desk. I 'think' we were severed by the General Manager and he offered us little tips/hints of things we were thinking of doing (such as getting the water taxi to Toronto Island instead of the ferry, it costs a bit more but faster and less crowded). We checked in and then were escorted upstairs to our room.

We dumped our things, showered and left to go find some food and to have a wander around our new home for the week. We first went to Tim Hortons as Dave wanted a coffee (he apparently got addicted to it while he was here last year). I ended up with a fizzy raspberry lemonade drink, he a coffee and he bought some little mini doughnut balls. We then wandered along the harbour and sat down with a nice view of Tornoto Island.

We then headed to a shopping centre for a wander - I think it's this areas biggest one boasting 250 shops. I found my first Canadian Starbucks :)

After much wandering we headed back to the hotel, grabbed a Subway (I know ... Subway - it was good though) and chilled out for the evening. We were shocked to find though (as I forgot) that the hotel does a 'turn-down' service so our room attendant - Marjorie had been in and tidied up our entire room and left water, little chocolates, the breakfast menu, slippers and other little things. So we felt slightly bad ... but we were tired so after eating our Subway and watching an episode of Friends on Netflix ... we fell asleep and that was our first day gone!

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