Thursday 15 January 2015

December Birchbox

Hey everyone :)

So was wandering around the internet like a lost puppy trying to find its mother ... and I came across the Birchbox - now this is not a new thing - from what I've gathered they've been around since September 2010 and they originated in US first. Some people love the idea and others aren't too keen. But every month the lovely people at Birchbox put together some samples and send them out to their subscriber list in a lovely little box for a small cost.

Birchbox US offers a monthly subscription for both men and woman where currently Birchbox UK only offer monthly subscriptions for woman and a one-off box for men. From what I've researched there are no plans yet to introduce a monthly box for men just yet.

They also offer a e-shop of full-sized products incase you like a sample in the box and want the full size.

So because my excitement and impulsiveness took over I didn't see there was a men's box - I ended up subscribing to the normal woman's monthly box. As I subscribed at the end of December - I was billed instantly and within 3 days had my December box. Their normal plan is - that the payment comes out on the 1st of each month, and you receive your box between the 3rd-15th (I think, I'm trying to recall from memory here) if you join after the 15th - that's when they take the payment instantly and send the box as soon as they can. So I received my December Birchbox and also got my January Birchbox a few days after ... but that's another post :)

ShoutJohn December Birchbox

So December's Birchbox was in collaboration with Sophia Webster.

ShoutJohn December Birchbox

ShoutJohn December Birchbox

ShoutJohn December Birchbox

As I've mentioned before I'm one of those weird people who loves packaging - I'm a strong believer in first impressions count and the way this is delivered and presented is 1000%! 

When it arrives (I don't have a picture as I threw the outer packaging out) but you open the top and each side folds down to reveal the lovely little box in the pictures above. You open the box by lifting the lid off and you are greeted with a few little cards - you get: 

- A welcome card (this was my first box, so I assume you only get this when you subscribe)
- A 20% off Sophia Webster voucher 
- A note from the editor and on the other side - a list of the items in the box (we'll discuss this in more detail below)
- A postcard/newsletter - which explains in more detail whats in the box and how to apply certain products (ie there is a tutorial for the 'Fat Eye Stick' showing you where to apply, where to blend etc)

ShoutJohn December Birchbox

So you may think - 'why has a guy ordered this' well bearing in mind my blog is about trying new things and experiences - not meaning I'm going to start wearing smokey eye shadow but I try and use products I get - that maybe are marketed towards girls/woman more, if I really don't want to try something or don't want to waste it - I have plenty of girl/friends that can take it off my hands :)

Moving on ... I'll pop a photo of each of the items I got and some info about it - taken from the lovely card they send with all the details so you can see what they tell you about each one :)

Oh excuse my fingers in this ... I'm a nail-biter :( #embarrassed #tryingtostop

Item 1: Elemental Herbology - Facial Glow Radiance Peel | £40 (for full size bottle)

december birchbox shoutjohn

Item 2: Electric Hair - Electric Hair Hydrate Shampoo | £17.50 (for full size bottle)

Item 3: Eyeko - Fat Eye Stick (Smoke) | £8 (this is a full-size product)

birchbox december shoutjohn

Item 4: Benefit Christmas Cracker - High Beam | £19.50 (for full size)

birchbox december shoutjohn

Item 5: Models Own - Nail Polish (Amethyst) | £5 (this is a full size bottle)

birchbox december shoutjohn

Item 5: English Laundry - Signature For Her (50ml) | £60 (for a full size bottle)

birchbox december shoutjohn

Item 6: Sophia Webster - Purse | £25 (full size product)

birchbox december shoutjohn

That's everything that I got in the box :)

So for all of this I paid £12.00 (+ £2.95 P&P) however I got it for £12 as introductory offer and got free P&P - so when you look at the individual prices (and yes those prices are for full sized products) I think you are definitely getting your worth for the money you pay.

As mentioned most of the products (I think) are marketed towards woman so I have listed them again below and whether or not I will give them a go:

Elemental Herbology - Facial Glow Radiance Peel - would try
Electric Hair - Electric Hydrate Shampoo - would try
Eyeko - Fat Eye Stick (Smoke) - probably not, would give to someone else
Benefit Christmas Cracker - High Beam - don't know, its luminous so probably too girly for a guy
Models Own - Nail Polish (Amethyst) - probably not, would give to someone else
English Laundry - Signature For Her - bit of a girly smell, bit would give it a go
Sophia Webster - Purse - probably not, tooooooo girly!

So that's that ... Regardless of the fact I wouldn't use some of the items - it's still nice to be able to see and look at them and I get to give them to someone else to try ... so if they let me know what they products are like - I will let you guys know! 

Let me know in the comments if you got the December box or got any different items?

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