Tuesday 27 January 2015

January Watch Wishlist

Hey everyone :)

How's it going? We all doing good? I am having a ball sitting listening to one of Taylor Swift's old albums (Speak Now) and listening to my flatmate drill and bang the walls downstairs - god knows what he is doing ... I really want a cup of tea but I can't be bothered with the small talk and awkwardness ...

So my last 'fashion' related post (the wishlist) was quite popular with you guys - so I thought I'd do a watch wishlist - because I've been wanting a new watch for ages and I thought it would be fun.

(side note: It wasn't fun and I want a watch more than ever now and payday is ages away)

shoutjohn january watch wishlist

1. Men's Diesel Franchise 2.0 Chronograph Watch | £111.00
I'm in love with all Diesel watches - when I was choosing the watches for this post - if I could have - they would have all been Diesel - the brand and their designs are amazing. Check out all their brands HERE. I love this watch because of the orange - I like the way it's only on half of the watch. It's something different.
2. Men's Fossil Nate Chronograph Watch | £79.00
I've never heard of the Fossil brand until today. I don't know if its a big brand - but I really like this watch - the big white numbers really stand out and this is what drew my attention to this watch.
3. Men's Michael Kors Alansing Chronograph Watch | £148.00
It's Michael Kors - I mean who doesn't want a watch by this brand. They are mostly known for designer handbags and clothing for woman but they have certain products for men and this watch is definitely worth buying.
4. Men's Fossil Nate Chronograph Watch | £94.00
Similar to watch number two - I like the blackened-charcoal design of the watch. It would go well with a suit for say a wedding. I also feel its very grown up and makes the 'i'm an adult' statement.
5. Men's Tissot V8 Chronograph Watch | £310.00
Tissot is another brand I hadn't heard off (I really need to read up on my brands more) but hey this is what I started this blog for - so I could discover new things. So I like this watch because its bright, basic and simple - so it could go with anything.

I have used WatchShop for my links - you can check out their website HERE. They are really good and their prices are very competitive - especially when comparing with in-store prices. Only downside is that if the watch is too big/small you need to take it in to a shop to get some links added/taken out which might cost or you might be able to do it yourself.

Let me know in the comments if you like my choices or if you think I should check any others out.

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