Thursday 23 July 2015

Destiny Tips

Hey everyone :)

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So I wanted to do another gamer post - for one reason mainly - I like doing them and if it helps someone new (or old) along the way then my job is done :D

So having played Destiny for nearly a year now (come the 15th Sep) and I have picked up little tricks and tips to make sure I give myself the best gameplay experience possible.

destiny looking for group shoutjohn

Looking for Group?
Now, if like me you don't have lots of friends who play Destiny or your work friends that do play it are on the opposite shift then there are websites that help you find other players who are looking to do certain missions/raids/arenas etc where automatic matchmaking is not available. If you play the game then you'll know that the 'weekly nightfall' and the 'raids' and the 'PoE' (32 upwards) do not match you with other players.

My favourite website for finding other players is: - the website allows you to do 2 things - view other players looking for other players - simply by selecting the drop down box and choosing which event you want to do. It also lets you post on the page telling players you are looking to do an event - then they can find you.

The website also has a basic chat function so people can message you once you've posted to check you are still looking or to tell you what weapons they have or more about their class etc. Some people use this and others just add you on PSN as you can specify your PSN name in the post before posting to the page.

 There are other groups and apps for this too - but the above is my favourite and easiest to use.

PSN Friends and Party Chat
Leading on from above (looking for group) - now before I knew about this - the way I added someone to my fireteam was to go around what I call the 'long way' which involved sending a friend request and waiting for them to accept and then inviting them to my fireteam ... LONG! Now even if you don't have a mic or don't plan to talk - then you can still create a party and then invite them to the party (without friending them) and then once in the party - the other player(s) have the option to 'join session' which allows them to instantly join your fireteam. It basically at the end of the day means you won't have 1000 random friends you added just to play one event with. Lots of people prefer method so don't be offended when someone refuses your request. It's probably so there friends list isn't clogged up.

destiny public event shoutjohn

Public Events
A fast way to get 'Vanguard Marks' other than doing playlists - is to do the random public events on all the planets. You get 4 points per event (if you complete it) and they take about 5 - 10 minutes whereas the playlists can take up to 30 mins and you get 6 ...  There are websites and apps available which predict when and where the next event will be and they are pretty spot on. For my iPhone there is an app called: Destiny Timers and for my MacBook I use: - similar to the looking for group websites/apps there are lots more these are just two of my favourites that I use frequently.

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Destiny Status
I recently found this website: and I absolutely love it - as the name suggests - it gives you the status of all your characters - information such as items, reputation, weekly event completion, statistics (how many kills in pve and pvp etc). You can see all your characters at the same time and compare and its simple - all you do is search your username and it automatically brings it up. You can search anyone you want.

destiny inventory manager

Destiny Inventory Manager (or DiM) 
Have you ever been in a raid/story mission or arena and thought damn! I could really use that void sniper rifle now as its void burn for this round but you can't because it's in your vault - well this extention of Google Chrome allows you to move things from characters to the vault or from the vault to your characters or even from character to character - it's really good and made my game play experience must better. I would recommend it to anyone who plays Destiny. If you don't have a laptop your PS4 is not anywhere near your computer - then there are plenty of apps on the iPhone too - I use Loadout which I actually used before I discovered DiM - which does the same thing. I think it's a bit better than DiM but that's just my opinion.

destiny ghost hunter shoutjohn

Destiny Ghost Hunter
As you are probably aware - there are 'dead ghosts' scattered across all the world and when you collect then you get some information about Destiny and it's added to your grimoire so you can read up on the history and lore. It also ups your grimoire score too. There is also a trophy you get for collecting 50 of them. There are currently as of Desinty, and the two expansions - 77 dead ghosts. There are numerous videos on YouTube which I used to find them but I also discovered this website: - where you add your PSN and it'll tell you which ones you have, which are missing and where to find them.

I hope these tips and tricks helped you out and if you're on PS4 and reading this and want to add me then feel free - johnaagnew2010. No 'gally' required < that's a Destiny term you will get if you play it.

Let me know in the comments below if you use any other websites or prefer some to others.

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