Tuesday 21 July 2015

Joey Graceffa 'In Real Life' Book Review

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joey graceffa in real life shoutjohn

I've followed Joey Graceffa for a few years now - I found him via Shane Dawson and instantly fell in love with his lovable personality and well he's cute :) He's also the main reason I found Zoella (Zoe Sugg) a British blogger/YouTuber - he was visiting the UK and she was in one of his videos - for several months after watching that video - I thought they were brother and sister - yes I'm an idiot lol.

Anyway for those of you who don't know - Joey Graceffa is an american actor, singer and YouTuber and he recently brought out a book (pictured above). I was lucky enough to pre-order it and so it arrived on the day of release (yay - thanks Amazon).

I've done lots of reviews on YouTuber's books now and like I say every time - it's not because they're a YouTuber and I just wanted the book - it's because I like reading about their past and what happened while they grew up (in other words I'm nosey).

It was quite shocking (that's a strong word) to see what Joey's childhood/growing up was really like. His dad wasn't really around and his mum was an alcoholic/recovering alcoholic. Obviously I won't go into detail - I want to keep this post short and sweet. The best chapter (in my opinion) is Chapter 14. It only has two words: 'I'm gay'.

I'm only saying this because even before you buy the book you'll have probably heard about Joey coming out as its been all over YouTube and Twitter etc for the past couple of months now (well since the book came out basically) and he also released a music video with him kissing his male co-star.

For some people who (like me) have followed him for several years - this won't be much of a shock. For me he has always been flamboyant and well camp (not that I'm saying that in a horrible or derogative way) I have a few straight friends with wives and kids - that if you met them for the first time you'd think they were gay.

In the book Joey talks about starting Youtube with his friend Britany and their channel WinterSpringPro, he talks about school and his first year of college, about experimenting with boys and going on dates and then starting his own channel JoeyGraceffa on YouTube and then his family life - dad, mum, sister and brother.

I really did love the book - some parts were upsetting but others were happy and exciting so I definitely would recommend it to anyone who watches his videos and hasn't bought it yet - he opens up a side of himself we haven't seen on YouTube.

joey graceffa in real life shoutjohn

Let me know what you thought if you read the book or if you plan to buy it in the comments below :)

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