Thursday 16 June 2016

Vauxhall Adam Unlimited 1.2 3dr (Brilliant Orange) *NEW CAR*

Hey everyone :)

On the 1st April I was involved in an car accident and my car was written off. I had him for nearly 3 years this December. It was the last day of my parents holiday to see me in England (they live in Scotland) and I thought I'd take them the scenic route to see my boyfriend at his work. The scenic route involved a route I've taken many times as it's behind my work building. We were driving up this long road and an artic lorry (I won't mention the company name - don't want to get sued or something) decided to pull out (not looking) and hit us not once, but twice. The first time on my driver side and then as he turned his trailer hit the back of the car too. Luckily my mum (who was in the back) was on the other side.

Apart from us all being in shock we were all okay - obviously the car was a wreck but it's just a piece of metal and plastic - the most important thing was that we were okay.

I will say though that having a car accident is a nightmare - the amount of paperwork and calls and hire car arrangements and ordering of a new car and claims ... NIGHTMARE! Most of it is over but what an absolute hassle!

I decided that I liked my Vauxhall Adam that much that I ordered the same one but with a couple of changes - the main one being the colour (from white to orange) and the wheels (17" roulette to 18" twister).

I also opted for the 'Winter Pack' this time which gives me heated seats and steering wheel - I had this in my hire car and loved it. Vauxhall also upgraded their Intelli-link system so it has Apple Carplay now which is great!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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