Wednesday 24 January 2018

Seed & Bean: Organic & Vegan Chocolate

Hey everyone :)

I'm a big fan of chocolate and sugar (much to my Dentist's dismay - she has told me off a few times!).

When I came across this chocolate company I had to buy some to try. I thought I'd try something different with my tasting and took it into work - safe to say it lasted all about 15 minutes before both boxes were gone.

I did something similar last year when I bought and tried some of Divine Chocolate which was great too.

Seed and Bean are a small chocolate company in Northamptonshire in England. They produce some great flavours of chocolate from milk, white and dark. There are many reasons to buy their chocolate - they know where their ingredients come from, the chocolate is made in small batches (compared to other companies) and as a company they always try to be green.

I went for the milk and white collection - there was four of them and the the extra dark collection - again four of them too.

My favourite had to be the lemon & poppy seed as this reminded me of the Starbucks muffin that they do. Closely followed by the cornish sea salt & lime - I just have a thing at the moment for sweet and salty flavours.

As I mentioned about - everyone at work loved them - I'd say the white/milk more than the dark chocolate but it still all disappeared pretty quickly ... although I have been told some of the guys will eat just about anything when its up for grabs!

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried some different chocolate (other than the usual suspects - Cadburys being one lol) in the comments below!

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