Tuesday 5 January 2016

2015: A Year in Review!

Hey everyone :)

I thought it would be cool to do a 'year in review' post - since I have a memory like a sieve I decided to use my Facebook feed and see what I was doing last year!

- People in certain parts of the world starting snorting chocolate powder
- I discovered quotes and my January was full of quotes about liars
- I discovered the television programme: Pretty Little Liars (explains the liar quotes)
- My ex-flatmate (thank god) has sex in my hall outside my door :/
- I found Meghan Trainor's album: Title
- I went and saw Kingsman: Secret Service
- Grey's Anatomy continued to make me cry
- I moaned that the Kai story line in TVD needed to end!

- The dentist continued to make me bankrupt
- Kelly Clarkson released her: 'The Heartbreak Song'
- I baked some nice shortbread in heart shapes
- I got excited about the Cinderella trailer
- Grey's Anatomy made me cry again
- I watched all the Harry Potter films again
- Fell in love with Joey Graceffa and MirandaSings cover of 'Love Me Like You Do'
- I thought the dress was #blackandblue
- I went back to the dentist again and found out a I needed a root canal

- I started watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and laughed so much
- Work sent me to Liverpool for a couple of weeks
- A 'wild' fridge appeared in my street and hung around for a couple of weeks
- I started watching Grimm (recommended by Carissa)
- I fell in love with the Liverpool accent again
- I missed Steak & Blowjob Day because Dave was in Canada
- Cannonball by Lea Michele came out and I played it to death
- My hairdresser came back from maternity and I got a 'good' haircut!
- Witnessed the eclipse when I was in Widnes (or Liverpool)
- Walking round naked in the hotel I stayed in for work
- I found Power Rangers: The Movie for £3 in Tesco (I didn't buy it)

- I played Ori and the Blind Forest and it became one of my favourite games
- TVD got exciting what with Dahlia's arrival
- I accidentally managed to send Instagram requests to all of my Facebook friends :O
- My Raybans rusted and/or broke :(
- Chicken in Garlic Sauce with Potatoes and Broccoli became my favourite food
- The first four episodes of GoT was 'accidentally' released and I binged
- I played Abba throughout the month
- I fell in love with the song 'Begin Again' by Rachel Platten
- Cheese Toasties ... mmmmm
- Dave told me he was coming home a week early
- We found out a main character was killed off in Grey's Anatomy
- I ripped my bumper trim off because of a stupid tree trunk
- A mummy spider hatched her babies in my bathroom and I never went back

- Got into an obsession with Mortal Combat fatalities
- I drove to Manchester Airport to pick Dave up
- I got my AppleWatch - eek!
- Grey's Anatomy & Once Upon A Time got renewed for another season.
- Season finales of The Originals and Pretty Little Liars were AMAZING
- Also the season finale of Once Upon a Time - WOW!
- Kelly Clarkson released her 'Invinsible' video
- I discovered Pentatonix

- I became a first aider at work
- I shattered my iPhone screen :(
- Sense8 swept over the world and everyone watched it (including me)
- Final Fantasy 7 remake was announced
- I bought my PS4
- Everyone celebrated pride by turning their profile pictures multicoloured

- Had a few pub dinners
- Apparently the first ever Ginger Festival was announced
- I discovered the Mermaid programme on Netflix: H2O: Just Add Water
- July was quote month in my life ...
- I spent the month listening to the H20: Just Add Water soundtrack
- I reached the maximum level in Destiny after weeks of grinding

- We went to Spain on holiday
- Selfridges started selling Christmas decorations in August! Yes August!
- We found out they were changing the voice of Ghost on Destiny
- We found out who A was in PLL
- I watched Cinderella
- I was attacked by a horny spider
- Playstation announced their 20th anniversary controller

- September was another quote month for me
- Destiny announced their Red Bull quest
- I got my astro A50 headset for my PS4 and gaming
- iOS 9 came out

- Once Upon a Time and How To Get Away With Murder took up most of my month
- Oh and Vampire Diaries
- We had a barbecue in October (as I got sent one to try)
- Had a Wagamama (which is amazing)
- I started to play EVE Online again ... then a few days later forgot and didn't play it
- I put up the Christmas decorations at work
- I tried meal replacement shakes called JAKE ... it was okay ...
- I found: The Complete Sabrina the Teenage Witch collection ... I didn't buy it!
- I went crazy on LUSH online and bankrupt myself

- Disney announced all the films they would be making for the next few years
- New Lara Croft was announced but PS4 players have to wait 3/4 of a year :(
- The Paris attacks happened :(
- The 'cats scared of cucumber' videos were all over the internet
- We had pyjama day at work
- I started watching Orphan Black - it's AMAZING
- Adele went undercover at an Adele impression audition and it was mental!
- I cooked a steak for myself for the first time and it was perfection

- We bought a poinsettia for the office
- Had another Wagamama
- It was my birthday and I turned 25
- We had another Wagamama (for my birthday though)
- We had out work Christmas meal and then I had a weeks holiday to relax :)
- The anniversary of my Nana's death came and passed (7th Dec RIP Nana)
- I did my annual Christmas picture
- I eventually got round to watching Pitch Perfect 2
- I got into the baking mood and baked up a storm - cupcakes and gingerbread men
- We had Christmas jumper day at work
- Dave and myself passed our four year anniversary on Christmas Day
- I met Dave's parents ... well parent ... but I have met his Dad briefly

What was your year like? Did anything crazy or exciting happen? Let me know in the comments below!

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