Wednesday 9 March 2016

KORRES Lip Butter (Pomegranate)

Hey everyone :)

It's Wednesday already - can you believe it? This week is going so fast! I keep telling people 'soon it will be Christmas' which is met with looks of hatred and loathing. So a few weeks ago I bought this little product and then I threw it in a drawer and forgot about it - I have noticed I'm getting bad at buying things and then leaving them in boxes or bags and forgetting about them.

I always get chapped lips when it's cold and icy or when I'm about to become ill - which is annoying but also a good tell-sign so I can dose up on vitamins to help fight it. I heard some chatter on Twitter that ASOS was a good place for inexpensive, good quality beauty products so I had a look around and found KORRES Lip Butter. This costs £8 for a little tub (similar size to the Caramex pots).

The range includes: Quince, Guava, Pomegranate, Mango, Jasmine and Wild Rose. I decided to go with the 'Pomegranate' flavour as it was a similar shade to my lips and I didn't want people to think I was wearing lipstick - which would be rather comical in our office.

All KORRES Lip Butter contain shea butter which is nourishing, hydrating and moisturising. It is also easily absorbed which makes it a great ingredient in the lip butter.

Packaging - very impressed with the packaging - the outer box is a lovely white with clear writing and has images of pomegranate and water drops. The outer box feels like such good quality. The inner box (once the outer box slides off) is a lovely pink hue and has a matt finish - it feels very smooth and high quality.

Design - there are two small boxes - one slides off revealing a second inner box and then the tub of lip butter slides out a different way - similar to a puzzle box - such a good idea and very inventive.

Tub - the tub is small (good size for your pocket or bag) and has a screw lid - I prefer these over metal pop lids. Again it has a similar shade of pink to the inner box. The tub similar to the outer and inner boxes is very high quality and looks great.

Product - the shade is the same as the box if slightly darker (and not matt looking). Its very smooth and creamy in consistency and applies very easily and smoothly. For my lips it is perfect and leaves a little shine but nothing noticeable unless looking very closely.

Overall very impressed with the product and will buy again once mine runs out. Very high quality and only £8 which I think is a good deal.

If you want anymore information you can check out the KORRES website HERE. If you want to buy any of the products then I got mine from ASOS which you can check out HERE.

KORRES don't just do lip butter but a range of different beauty and health products so be sure to check those out too.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever used any KORRES products before.

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