Friday 19 September 2014

September Playlist Top 20

september playlist top 20

It's been a while since I last blogged ... in my defence I have been playing Destiny ALOT so that's my excuse - and I did warn you all.

I'm a very big fan of music - however I was spending lots of money on iTunes and wanted to find a more cost-effective way than spending £0.99 per song which as you can imagine ends up costing a small fortune.

So I turned to Spotify as they were running a special deal for Students, so instead of paying the normal £9.99 a month, I got it at £4.99 a month instead. So if you think about it - I now have access to thousands and thousands of songs for £4.99 a month, where with iTunes - I could have only gotten 5 songs for that price ... a win-win in my eyes!

There is a Spotify Free version which I think you can listen to 1 song 5 times then you can't anymore unless you purchase it and they put ads between some of the songs - so still okay I suppose. With the Spotify Premium - you get no ads, can listen as much as you want, you can also use Spotify on 3 different devices - so I have it on my MacBook, my iPhone and my iPad. You can also make your playlists available offline so when your not at home on WiFi you don't waste your data.

I've put together a small playlist of my favourites songs that I've been listening to the past month that I wanted to share with you. There quite random as my music taste is all over the place and this month there are a few oldies mixed in there.

This is just a little snippet of my favourite songs at the moment - 

> Bitchin' Summer by Avril Lavigne - is from her new album which is amazing!

> You're Beautiful by Chester See - I found this song on a fan video of Alfie and Zoe (Youtubers for those that don't recognise those names) - was contemplating it for a first dance song at a wedding?

> Ugly Heart by G.R.L - this came out end of last month - really catchy - although sadly a member of the group was found dead in her apartment couple of weeks ago :(

> Fast Car by Tracy Chapman - this isn't a new song but I got in the car this morning and it was playing and I had to add it to the playlist as its been stuck in my head all morning.

> Wolf Bite by Owl City - from their new album which I great - it's only 4 songs - so don't know if you can call it an album - but the 4 songs are great!

> Spinning by Meghan & Lucas - I don't know how I found this ... I think it was on Megan's twitter. You may know her as Strawberry17 ... she also lives with Joey Graceffa - anyway really catchy tune!

That's all from me folks! Hope you enjoyed the post - let me know if you have any favourite songs this month. I've been meaning to do one of these posts for a couple of months now and glad I did it ... 

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