Thursday 26 February 2015

Stripes?! They're Everywhere?!

Hey everyone :)

So I've noticed an increase in the amount of stripes again in the fashion world ... maybe I'm behind - weren't they in last year with polka dots then they disappeared, well now they have re-appeared again - I've been looking through a number of stores and checking the 'men's new arrivals' section and they are all full of stripy clothing - particularly t-shirts, vests and shirts.

So after spending nearly 2 hours looking and picking out my favourites ...

1. H&M Striped T-Shirt - £9.99
2. New Look Purple Crew Neck Stripe T-Shirt - £9.99
3. River Island Ecru Candy Cane Stripped T-Shirt - £14.00
4. Forever21 Breton Stripe Henley (navy) - £10.00
5. Hollister - Manhattan Beach V Neck T-Shirt - £16.00

Let me know what you think - personally if I had to choose only one - I would go with number 3 - I like the colours and I like the faded pastel/chalk effect.

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