Thursday 22 October 2015

Nákd Nibbles

Hey everyone :)

I was in Tesco last week and I was walking down the 'world food' / 'gluten free' / 'protein' aisle and I saw that Nákd had introduced some new products and they were on an introductory offer ... so how could I not resist? 

I managed to pick up 3 different flavours in the range. I believe currently there are 7 of them.

If you recall a month or so ago - I did a post on some Fruit & Nut Bars by Nákd and I really enjoyed these so I was looking forward to trying these new products. You can check my previous post out HERE

Nákd Toffee Treat Nibbles

- Dates - 50%
- Cashews - 23%
- Raisins - 18%
- Cocoa - 5%
- Rice Flour & Natural Flavouring

This flavour reminded me of those sweets called 'Tofifees' - my mum and dad used to buy them from the shop years ago. 

Nákd Fruit Salad Nibbles

- Dates - 54%
- Cashews - 24%
- Raisins - 19%
- Rice Flour & Natural Flavouring

Fruit salad has to be my favourite - they smell amazing too. It's not just about the taste with these ones - I think they taste good because they smell good too! 

Nákd Salted Caramel Nibbles

- Dates - 54%
- Cashews - 24%
- Raisins - 19%
- Rice Flour & Natural Flavouring

Every brand seems to be jumping on the 'salted caramel' train - it's an amazing combination! It's similar to sweet and salty popcorn. You get a bit of salt then a bit of sweet.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with this new additions to Nákd - I don't really like dates, cashews or raisins on their own but you would never guess these 'Nibbles' are made with these ingredients - they taste so good.

Let me know if you have tried them yet in the comments below.

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