Thursday 10 December 2015

Walkers Crispy Crackers & Melty Crackers

Hey everyone :)

Hope you are all well? I am currently on holiday. It's my last holiday of the year and the first that I booked. I book around this time off every year as my birthday is the 9th so it makes sense to have some time off and not work on my birthday.

Being on holiday does have one advantage - it gives me more time to focus on my blog :)

I was in Tesco a week or so ago and saw an employee putting out a new product and they were on introductory offer for £1 so I couldn't resist. I love a good introductory offer.

Walkers are a well known crisp brand - I've known them for as long as I can remember. Many of my lunches and snacks when I was growing up consisted of two slices of bread and butter and a packet of cheese and onion walkers crisps. I have fond memories of a girl in my class eating the crips and stinking the whole classroom out with them.

Recently Walkers have brought out four new products - crackers - 2 'melty' crackers and 2 'crispy' crackers. I thought it would be fun to buy and eat them. I am unsure how much they retail for normally but I picked them up for £1 on an introductory offer last week in Tesco. So bare in mind whenever you read this the price might have changed.

My favourite (if I had to choose) it would be the cheddar cheese flavour. My least favourite would be the sweet chilli flavour.

Let me know if you have bought them and if you have a favourite.

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