Wednesday 11 March 2015

Charlotte Tilbury's 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' Review

Hey everyone :)

A few months ago I was annoyed with my skincare routine as I was breaking out constantly and so I decided to switch moisturisers and try something different to see if that made a change.

(I later on discovered that it was my diet that was the main culprit but that's not the topic for this post lol)

Charlotte Tilbury's 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' Review

I was internet-window shopping when I came across: Charlotte Tilbury's 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' - the moisturiser promised to do lots of things and I was intrigued so I spent the £70 (yes, shhh - it's quite expensive) to see if it made a difference to my skin.

Now I bought the moisturiser nearly two months ago so I think a reasonable amount of time has passed now that I can give judgement. Up until now I have been very happy with all the products I have used and shared with you on my blog. That is about to change. - now I'm not unhappy with the product so please don't misunderstand that part - I just don't think it worked for me.

Charlotte Tilbury's 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' Review

Charlotte Tilbury's 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' Review

Charlotte Tilbury's 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' Review

The story goes - that for the last 20 years Charlotte mixed her 'magic cream' backstage and used it on models and her regular clients and they loved it and kept coming back for more - and now she has decided to box it up and share it with the rest of the world.

The 'magic cream' contains:

BioNympth Peptide Complex - which is an anti-age ingredient that does a number of different things like increasing collagen and fibre levels, fighting free radicals and stimulating cell energy.

SPF15 - Charlotte is always telling her clients to use products with anti-UVB (sun rays that burn us) and anit-UVA (sun rays that age us) filters to ensure you are protected from the Sun's harmful rays. The cream has a SPF15 and a anti-UVA filter.

Sodium Hyaluronate - which forms a film of hyaluronic acid over the skin to seal in the moisture.

Damask Rose Water & Aloe Vera - stimulate skin regeneration

Vitamin A - helps improve skin firmness and smoothness.

Vitamin E - rose hip oil, camellia oil and Vitamin E together transform a grey complexion into a hydrated mirror-shining skin.

Vitamin C - promotes collagen activity.

Extracts of Frangipani - form a soothing, purifying and hydrating comfort blanket on the skin.

Charlotte Tilbury's 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' Review

Charlotte Tilbury's 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' Review

I used the product for a full month and applied in the morning when I got up and before I headed to work. I used the product sparingly and didn't over-apply. I found the product to slightly burn when applied and tingle. I've noticed this when I use certain face masks with hyaluronic acid - so I assume this was the acid making my face feel like it was burning slightly. I do have very sensitive skin so I put that issue down to the hyaluronic acid in the product.

I also found (funnily enough) that even though the 'magic cream' is supposed to promote and support moisture in the skin - I felt like it was actually drying my skin out. Obviously I'm not a professional so these are just my observations but I would notice during the day my face would feel dry and tight and flaky. I have never had dry/flaky skin so I know its not an underlying issue.

I know that each person's skin is different and some products might work for some people and not for others. It just goes to show that expensive products don't always work no matter how much you pay.

If you want any further information then you can check out Charlotte's website HERE.

Have you tried this product? Would you pay £70 for moisturiser? Let me know in the comments!

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