Tuesday 12 May 2015

Innocent Coconut Water

Hey everyone :)

So everyone is probably aware of the coconut water phase we've gone through - to me it felt like overnight various brands and types of coconut water just appeared in shops. For a few months I've seen posts on the benefits of coconut water and Instagram pictures of various celebrities and bloggers with coconut water.

It then died down and again ... as if overnight 'coconut oil' started appearing in shops - obviously not the same product but still similar to the water. I follow lots of healthy eating bloggers and vloggers on YouTube (Naomi Smart for one) and they started using coconut oil as a substitute for normal oil in their cooking. Lots of websites like Buzzfeed started posting 'various benefits of coconut oil' and why 'coconut oil is good for your feet'. Even a company known as Cocowhite became very popular and started selling a formulated version of coconut oil for whiter teeth and healthier mouths - I hoped on this train as soon as I could and ordered a box - so hopefully once I've finished my course the review will go up soon :)

Anyway back to the water - a month or so ago Innocent posted that they were stopping their food pots so that they could focus on what they were good at - creating waters/smoothies/juices etc.

Then last week they announced their new Innocent Coconut Water.

innocent coconut water review

I'm a big fan of Innocent - I have been since around 18 years old when I went to university and started buying my own food shopping. Some people might say they are a tad expensive but I do think that you pay for what you get and with Innocent you get good quality.

Now, I haven't tried coconut water at all. I remember the first brand appearing in shops were VitaCoco - but that was before I started blogging and I have to admit it seemed quite expensive for some water from a coconut. But curiosity got the better of me and I was in Asda the other night and thought I'd try it and let you guys know what I thought.

So this is available in most supermarkets - I got it in Asda and 500ml was £2.25. (Obviously this might be an introductory offers so it might change afterwards).

Ingredients are simply: 100% pure coconut water from 2 1/4 tasty coconuts.

We do get a little backing story - that Innocent met up with some people in Thailand who are fussy about good tasting products just like they are. These people helped them come up with this lovely coconut water drink. It's a unique blend of selected varieties of coconuts and a secret coconut which they can't tell us the name of.

They also give us 4 good reasons for drinking coconut water:

- it's made from the water of 2/14 tasty coconuts
- naturally supports hydration
- 26% of your daily potassium per glass
- low calorie and fat-free

innocent coconut water review

So to review:

- the packaging (as always) with Innocent is great - we have their signature little angel on the front with a halo and the bottle design is (I assume) a beach with a blue sky and palm trees to mimic the coconut theme going on.
- the packaging is very simple and I like that - I've seen VitaCoco and other brands and they're too busy (if you know what I mean).
- the colour (of the water) is similar to a cloudy lemonade.
- the smell is sweet and flowery to me.
- the taste - if I had to compare it to anything is the 'taste of the leftover milk when you've had cheerios' - i know this sounds weird but that's my opinion.

I did enjoy the coconut water but it's probably not something I'd drink everyday - I'd probably consider mixing it into a smoothie in the future.

innocent coconut water review

To round it all up - if you want something to drink that's not full or sugar or fattening - then give coconut water a go. It's a bit better than plain old water and healthier than sugary coke :)

Let me know if you've tried it and your thoughts! 

If you want to check out Innocent's Twitter it's HERE.
More information on their Coconut Water can be found HERE too.

Just so we're clear - this is NOT a sponsored post and Innocent haven't asked me to write this - I just wanted to share with you something that I've experienced :)

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