Tuesday 23 June 2015

COCOWHITE: Oil Pulling For Whiter Teeth

Hey everyone :)

So you can probably guess by the title of the post what this post is about today.

So I actually bought this product myself a few months ago (so yeah it's not a sponsored post). It costs £19.99 and I got free shipping but that might have changed now so be sure to check if you plan to purchase it. You can check it out on their website HERE. They also ship worldwide which is great too (but again I'm in the UK and shipping may be costly if you're not in the UK).

I don't know how I discovered Cocowhite - I think I saw someone on Twitter with it and then I discovered what it did and what it was and thought 'I might as well give it ago' - I had just around the time this started becoming popular spent £450 on cosmetic teeth whitening - which didn't really do much for me and burnt like hell.

So what is this you ask? Well ... Cocowhite offer a healthier and alternative to the chemical teeth whitening/peroxide craze that is going on. This is basically coconut oil and flavouring (so it doesn't taste of nothing/oil). Oil pulling has been around for thousands of years as an Indian folk remedy. It involves spooning some oil into your mouth and swishing it around for 5-15 minutes and then spitting it out. 

Cocowhite thought that was too much hassle - who wants an ugly jar and spoon on your bedside table so they got little sachets and the right amount and created these little beauties in the picture below:

So if you we go back in time to biology lessons at school. You were told that there are thousands of different bacteria in your mouth. Some are good and some are bad. The bad bacteria cling to your teeth and this is also known as plaque (you may have heard your dentist go on about this - I know mine does). The main benefit of oil pulling is that it removes a large amount of this bacteria when you swish it around your mouth. What happens is that the bacteria get stuck in the oil as it swishes around your mouth and dissolve in the oil, so when you spit it out - out goes the oil and the bacteria with it.

This is a very healthy alternative to chemical cleaning - the ingredients are 100% natural and preservative free. There are no peroxides, chemicals or any nasty ingredients contained in these sachets.

If you want any more information than what I've given you - check out Cocowhite's about page HERE.

So when you purchase the product there are 4 choices available:
- Light lemon flavour 
- Vanilla swirl flavour
- Minty fresh flavour
- Assorted (above 3) flavours

I chose the minty fresh flavour. You get 14 sachets (so 2 weeks worth).

So there are three steps to this - it's not rocket science:

Step 1: Snip or break the top lid off and squeeze contents into your mouth.
Step 2: Swirl the liquid for 5-15 mins (the first time I did this only for 3 mins then was nearly sick so don't panic if you can't do it straight away).
Step 3: Spit it out and smile :)

Unfortunately I didn't originally plan to do a post on this so I didn't do any before or after pictures - however I've noticed there are pictures on Cocowhite's about page (which is HERE) and if you check out their Instagram HERE then there are some on there too. 

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you've used it and noticed a difference?

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