Wednesday 3 June 2015

Route One

Hey everyone :)

I never knew Route One existed until I met my boyfriend - who one day introduced me to their website. It's HERE if you want to check it out.

route one wishlist shoutjohn

Vans True Story Raglan - White/Marsala - £24.99
I like plain, simple shirts and this is right up my street. It's not a long sleeve or a short sleeve either.

Fourstar Delancey Zip Hoodie - Athletic Heather - £44.99
I used to love tight fitting hoodies but I've grown to love baggy colourful hoodies now. I love that the arms are a different colour too.

Route One Slim Fit Chinos - £29.99
When my boyfriend first started wearing chinos - I hated them! Now I've done a 180 and absolutely love them. I'm in love with sand-coloured clothing at the moment.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star White Monochrome - £44.99
Who could say no to a pair of lovely white converse?

Vans Spicoli 4 Sunglasses - Saffron - £14.99
It's getting sunnier and brighter now so you gotta have a pair of sunglasses :)

What do you think? Does anything catch your eye??

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